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    A little help please with battle orders, something seems to have corrupted.

    Thank you both for your input, but it seems there was a corruption, so I did a total restart after deleting the main files and the configs etc. in the documents folder, and once again it works fine. I have no idea what caused it, but I will backup the documents folder fiiles for Bannerlord and anything else I may need if I have to restart again. I have also moved on to 1.71 just in case it is a 1.70 bug :cool:
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    A little help please with battle orders, something seems to have corrupted.

    Hi, I stopped playing Bannerlord about a year ago, but decided I would have another go, (I am a modded Warband freak). I went for beta 1.7, and just updated the copy I had already loaded on Steam. I had a few spurious problems, so decided to delete my previous installation, and loaded a fresh...
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    I have found the solution for ryzen 2xxx series and new gen multi core CPUs underperforming in massive battles, went from 30 to 90 fps with this!!!

    So we all know warband doesn't use multiple cores well yada yada, but actually alot of people were recommending to turn ON force single threading.
    Here's how I can now finally play and enjoy massive PoP battles:

    - I lightly overclocked my ryzen 2700x (gpu gtx 1080ti) from 3.7 to 4.0
    - Using process lasso or the task manager affinity to set used CPU's 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14, the odd numbers are virtual cores so untick those as older games don't use them well and cause negative effects! Process lasso can automate it for warband every time you start it up.
    - Set warband to high priority in process lasso or task manager

    and voila, now I can enjoy my massive PoP battles at 450 units instead of slideshow game. Never thought it was possible because of old engine blabla, but after countless hours of research and testing I fixed it!!!
    I have just seen this post, (not been playing POP for a while, just started again), and I have been using Lasso for a number years for other programs, a great utility, but for some reason never tried it with Warband. Many thanks for the heads up, I am sure it will work.
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    Playing other games while Bugs fixed

    I got burnt out about a month ago after hundreds of hours, some of it fun, but too much frustration. I must have restarted a dozen times.
    I keep looking in at the latest once a week, and to be honest it seems ever so slow progress, but then the pandemic can't be helping.
    I needed a complete change, so it's Fallout 76 Wastelands for me.
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    Think they're trying hard to break the player economy ?

    I stopped playing Bannerlord a few days ago after over 700 hours playtime, because at the moment, in my opinion development is going backwards.
    I do not blame the Devs, it is the management of the development that seems skewed, with priorities out of synch.
    If it were not for the modding community, again in my opinion, the game would not be playable, apart from hack and slash.
    It gives the impression some guys are trying to debug software that is currently being changed by other guys who are developing the game, whilst another guy is tweaking stuff, all out of synch, which equates to talent being wasted.
    I will play again when it comes together, as I am a little board of restarting and mods becoming incompatible, which though can be expected, has become frustrating to me :roll: though I have certainly had my monies worth, thanks to modders :party:
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    Whats going on with traits

    I must admit Bannerlord is becoming a big grind for everything. When released. I had high hopes, but so many updates have increased the grind, as if it is the plan. I understand they want to increase the longevity of the game, but it seems to be getting done by introducing difficulties (and bugs) rather than activities. Food scarcity and price, sieging, (which, with the extra equipment, should be a treat), many other examples illustrated in other posts.
    I understand it is EA, but after so many years and the early titbits that were leaked, I did expect a lot more. I have had my monies worth, (over 700 hours), but that has been solely because of modder's who produce updates to their mods when they are bombed by Bannerlord updates. I have donated nearly as much to modder's as I paid for the game, they seem to me to be ahead of the Dev's.
    This is not meant as a rant, I did assist as a coder on a large mod some years ago, so I do understand the problems, I just expected more, especially in sieges and gameplay at this stage, where I feel is inadequate.
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    Just moved from 1.4.1 to opt out, (1.4.1) but new opt out is 1.4.1

    I moved to the opt out of beta which is 1.4.0, put my 4 mods in and started a new game. Tonight, a massive download over 3gb which is the new opt out....1.4.1. I moved from 1.4.1 because I was not happy with it and could no longer use the community patch since the latest patch, so now what do I...
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I have just opted out of the beta branch and have now restarted with the opt out version, (1.4.0), and can now use the mods I like, (Community patch, Diplomacy fix, and Enhanced Garrisons). I can now also experiment with relative safety other mods as I am also using the launcher mod.
    The reason I opted out was firstly the community mod becoming incompatible, (the other mods I use were quickly updated), and I missed it, but also the fact that to me updates seemed to combine elements of moving forwards, but also backwards, making the beta release version becoming less playable for me, (over 650 hours :shock:).
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    Bartering for peace is broken 1.4.1

    I also have had a kingdom attack within a week, which is as bad to me as the AI bartering my prisoners without my agreement.
    I was sieging a town yesterday but was attacked. I beat them, and resumed the attack. When I won and took the town, I took too many prisoners and was moving slowly towards the town, only to be attacked again from a group I had previously beaten, led by a noble I had at the start of the siege!
    Diplomacy fix mod works very well, but as far as I can tell, you still get them attacking within days of making peace due to the native bugs.
    In truth, this game is alpha not beta, though I have still had my moneys worth thanks to mods.
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    Oh no, just had a hotfix this morning which knobbled all my mods

    Good news, improved garrisons and diplomacy fix have already been updated and a quick test shows they are working, just the community patch to go. I have already donated to the improved garrisons mod, I must donate to diplomacy fixed as well, these mods make the game as it is currently very playable. As TheSherminator wrote, "core" mods, and Taleworlds should be very grateful to them.
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    just downloaded 16gb

    Yes, I just started a thread hoping it will catch the eye of a Modder who can help, because for me, the game is nowhere near as good at this stage without them.
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    Oh no, just had a hotfix this morning which knobbled all my mods

    Had a 101mb hotfix, (I am on 1.4.1), and none of my mods will work with it. I have only 3 mods, the community mod, improved garrisons, and diplomacy fixed. Tried them one at a time, but what had become a very playable game crashes within seconds each time. I wish there was a way to go back to...
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    just downloaded 16gb

    Steam has downloaded a 101mb hotfix for me, (I use 1.4.1). I was on e1.4.1.229965, now
    Follow the patch notes on the first splash screen to see, but not sure exactly what this hotfix does, perhaps one of the experts can tell us.
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    Need a mod to make treaties last more than a week, and also one to stop AI selling captive lords

    @Figulus, yes it is great, been playing it all morning with no trouble. Still things to find out about it, but it has caused me no problems, and has enabled me to prune my attackers so I can continue playing, (had 4 kingdoms declare war one after the other, and another like a dog with a bone for over a game year, running out of money to buy them off).
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    Need a mod to make treaties last more than a week, and also one to stop AI selling captive lords

    "Diplomacy fixes" on the Nexus , awesome mod...totally reinvigorated my appetite for this game. (in it's current state)
    Thanks I will give it a try. It states 1.4.1 version is experimental, have you found it stable?
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