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  1. On Monday we will have the new patch !!!

    i better see pila and all that dumb **** do negative dmg

    complaining about people complaining
  3. If javs and kicks are not nerfed in a meaningful way the grand majority of players will have have had enough??

    even kick slash should not be a thing its not risky enough and also if u hold down block for 1 second ur kicks are invisible very cool tw
  4. Risen Manifest [RM]

    there more to this game than just cheese pila and javs and press E keys
  5. Risen Manifest [RM]

    u gys didnt really use strats u just ran into us and inf fight with 100 ping + idk what you expect
  6. [NABB] Fantasy League Player Ranking List tier 1 warband dinosaur
  7. Dear Taleworlds

    is there actually swing delay?
  8. SODT #1 June 6, 2020 - Completed

    ****ing every pepega in the scene is signing up good
  9. SODT #1 June 6, 2020 - Completed

    Name:Yoshie Steam: Mainclass:cavinf Region:NA
  10. [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

    whats the point of hosting a tournament if u make the finals a forfeit like tf
  11. how do u guys feel about warband dying and bannerlord being a tragic mess

    its sad only **** alive for NA warband rn is NW
  12. Duel Server Information

    alright thanks !