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    Viking Conquest issues

    I have an issue, where is the surprise?
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.02 (released)

    where is my "we fixed the combat by completely replicating vikingr" patch plzploxk?
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    Adding items from brytenwalda

    If you could make it so items are added to NPC's that would be pretty dank, make it happen plZploxk?kthx
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    [Suggestions] for Viking Conquest.

    I would like to apologize in advance if i'm requesting what has already being suggested, or what admins have already justified leaving out/adding in, and if any of this seems totally ridiculous. I agree with most of what has being mentioned, but in addition I would like to see.. Crouching -...
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    Viking Conquest Update 1.01 (released)

    Thanks allot for patching the game Brytenwalda team. Though I believe the multiplayer needs a bit of a overhaul I've had tremendous fun with the single player since the patch, just wanted to say thanks, even though the game should have being released in that state, but you are just a small group...
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    why are all the character skin colours locked from warband?

    I agree 100% with this man.
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    Your personal Viking Conquest rating (X out of 10)

    3/10 In it's current state. 8/10 If they patch it with more features, content and fixes (cus i'm so biased and just want a badass viking DLC)
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    Thank you, Viking Conquest team

    I'm sorry if I am asking a question that's out of place or has already being answered, but is there confirmation by the devs that a new patch will be released fixing most of the games problems, as well as adding in a few more features and items? Despite my criticism I see the DLC has tremendous...
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    Thank you, Viking Conquest team

    Thank you for releasing this with zero testing, producing the most buggiest infestation I have ever seen in a game, I pitty you, not even starship troopers had to deal with this many killer bugs. Thank you also for rushing it missing content that obviously should have being released with the...
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    I sign up as Randolf Huskarl Jomsborg for the Leiðangrsfólk
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    I have a question and sorry if this has already being addressed before; Why didn't the Vikingr development team find an alternative for battle shouts and the end round music?
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    The Mead Hall

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    The Mead Hall

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    Community Art ! [first post depository]

    I am sketch this sketch of Anglo-Saxon Brytenwalder; And this one to:
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Sulcoit (8/12/13)

    Army of lumberjacks: Army of potato farmers: Thanks to the organizers for all the fun.