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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    It's included in this patch, 1.6.2
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Scrollable Troop Tree Encyclopedia not yet added? Along the fix for troop tree visual if the upgrades are more than 2?
  3. to TALEWORLDS -> QA - do you have testers or just paid players?

    I'm alos curious in genreral what the testing process is like.
    In my work (game support/outsourcing), our tester always receive the weekly patch 1 week before the release. They run all possible scenario related to changes of the patch. Major patch/update is being tested a month before public release.
  4. AI Lords party is 90% Recruit

    core of the issue? the core is "notables only provide tier 1 recruits" which are being recruited by AI Lords. The update will get notables to provide more higher tier recruits.

    I don't see other solution for OP's concern.
  5. Are there any possibles that Minor Clans have their own hideouts/castle?

    There's no point giving hideouts or castle to minor faction. Maybe a base of operation (within certain city) at best where you can meet their faction representative and do some quest for them.
  6. Armor Properties

    quick mod to apply multiplier to armor defense value
  7. A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    Overall I much prefer the battles in RBM but find that heavy Armour is just a bit OP for my liking even if that is realistic. It seems obvious to most that Vanilla battles are way too fast paced, amour is pathetic and archery is OP. For me the balance is somewhere between vanilla and RBM.
    If they will ever implement RBM or similar option to make armor effective, it should be optional. A campaign options that can be change anytime and you can choose the level of armor effectiveness, for example:

    Option #1: 25% armor more effective
    Option #2: 50% armor more effective
    Option #3: 75% armor more effective
    Option #4: 100% armor more effective

    So in this idea, players have a free will to use it or not. I posted a similar suggestion like this before: post
  8. A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    I think RBM doesn't do any changes to autocalc so AI vs AI battles are not affected by it. In autocalc armor and weapon doesn't matter. Only tier and if its mounted or not.
    Yes, I'm aware that it doesn't affect the AI simulated battles. What I'm referring is to actual implementation of effectiveness of armor to the game.

    Armor being effective on field combat is good, however, if armor effectiveness is not a factor in simulated battles, then it simply lose the essence of implementing it.
  9. A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    I like RBM and personally use it. However, the main issue with super effective armors is snowballing. If one faction has managed to build an army with high tier troops (obviously with effective armors), it will easily overtake the whole map because the opposing faction will only have low tier troops, mostly just recruits.
  10. Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    Bannerlord was announced in 2012, it is conceivable with leaks and rumors that it was in development well into 2009-10, thus 12 years.
    They or at least one of the dev already explained the reason of prolonged development. Also, there's no way that they intentionally delayed the development of the game, its no good for business side. Possibly due to problem on development stage or again due to reasons expressed by one of the dev.
  11. Fixing ladders needs to be the very next thing

    if they fix ladders, you will be able to conquer easily, and if you conquer easily, you will beat the game, and if you beat the game, you wont want to play again, and if you wont want to play again, TW loses.
    They should improve siege defense too once they fixed the ladder or siege attack overall. I love the hard earned castle/city
  12. *Taleworld* A Must Add Features in The Game ( List )

    I have nothing to do so,

    1- Yes
    2- No. We only need calradia. Leave custom maps to modders
    3- what
    4- Yessss
    5- Yes
    6- No
    7- That's alot, but yes.
    8- Companions = No, they are not nobles. Family members, they are under your clan.
    9- Singing? as in a videoke? kidding
    10- Yes
    11- But why?
    12- yes, but the last one sounds like a hollywood scene
    13- yes
    14- no
    15- not in bannerlord, possibly in next series
    16- no
    17- no
    18- hahaha
    19- yes
    20- yes
    21- yes
    22- no
    23- no, unless AI lord can do it to you too
    24- we don't need best graphics, we need more content and better gameplay
    25- okeey
  13. What happened to map position based battle terrain?


    That's Total War 1v1 combat system, which is bad.
  14. Have Battanian, Vlandian, Empire and Aserai shields work the same way as Sturgian shields

    Yeah, I already tried changing the shield type to hand_shield, I just didn't really know where to go from there. Don't have a load of experience modding.
    I just uploaded new version of my mod. Check my files for reference
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