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    Combat skills leveling speed.

    Everyone saying that skill grinding is good...ugh cancer. The game is far from being a typical personal regime game. Its about troops leading and kingdom management. Even with skill levels in the high 100's. You be SoL if you dont have a proper warband to lead around and win battles.

    The game shouldn't be hungry hungry hippos for looters.
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    Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Try the 1.4.2 thread for that
    haha yea my bad, i was just searching for "can't log in" and saw this one was recent
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    Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Well i guess i'll add in that i can't log in to MP anymore :sad:

    in 1.4.2
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    Combat skills leveling speed.

    I had wrote a similar post just about this

    But since it's picking up here better. The disparity of combat skill/speed from early game to late game is atrocious. Makes zero sense why we swing so slow in the beginning and then "when" we reach a decent level, the game normalize, followed by late game we can potentially become sword master gods. Everything should really be scaled to an average with a small but noticeable increase of attack speed to match level proficiency.

    but back to the OP's topic. The rate of how we level up is a drag. For people saying "It should take hours on hours of leveling". This isn't an MMO, the grind should not be so dramatically real. It's a sandbox game, everything should be up for grabs and should be malleable with some good player influence. 40+ battles with looters is the longest dumbest grind to just get to a decent level. And that was with a bow correct? I hate to imagine if he was trying to raise his melee weapons skills. because then he would need some small company atleast to help not get overwhelmed by looters (from likely low athletics) and even still he probably only get a few hits in.

    And forcing ever play style to be on horse back to cheese skill leveling is uggh gross. I played with banner tweaks and yes played the game with 5x the exp rate. (that was just because i got so sick of vanilla exp rate) and playing that way, it was actually fun to be on foot and play a melee captain leading from the front. my Athletics skill would stay pretty on par with my leveling troops during a charge attack, and i didn't need to cower behind my troops so much because i didn't run at the speed of a 6 year old anymore.
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    Warband is better than bannerlord

    and if we, the core fans of Warband, has waited many years for Bannerlord, I'm sure we are equipped with patience for another year or so.
    I'm fine with that, as long as they keep stable versions of the game stable, and dont force hotfixes on that version. Because the one thing that keeps me anchored to the skeleton vanilla game is mods.

    Doesn't make since that they have a stable and a beta version of the game, but force updates on both versions.
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    Attack speeds with less scaled speed per level and more scaled for damage

    I get that a novice warrior wouldn't know how to handle their weapons compared to a more trained and experience person. But the slow snail speed swings do in early game are an eye sore and nerve wrecking. Could the idea of having the scaled speed of leveling up 1 hand, 2 hand, and pole arms be...
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    Warband is better than bannerlord

    warband is also better then 2010 warband, see a pattern?
    so bannerlord 2030 is what we got to hope for
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    Economy - Equipment availability/cost

    Things like this and now I just feel like i should retire from adventuring
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    Warband is better than bannerlord

    I wasn't waiting years like other fans, so I suspect that would have disappointed them.
    Sometimes I hate being reminded that old fans have literally been waiting years for Bannerlord...:xf-cry:
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    game just got a small update for me just now. was it just me or is there more hot fixes?
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    Thanks for a post that isn't completely idiotic... :wink:

    Hotfixes are always a possible way to fix issues, if they are the best way or not depends on the circumstances.

    First, there are always dangers with hotfixes. Due to their nature, they rarely get tested properly and have the potential to break more than they fix. That's why every sane developer evaluates if it's worth the risk. Hotfixes in general are common practice and they get used when the benefits outweigh the risks.

    However this is completely unrelated to modding. Mods are unsupported and should never have any influence on the patching process. Otherwise things get silly pretty quick and TW could just as well stop developing the game.

    So if a hotfix is the right thing or not is completely based on the question if it broke something in the game and not if some unsupported mods stopped working. As far as I can tell 1.4 hardly changed after the hotfix apart from some crashes no longer occuring which is a complete success.

    If they accidentally manage to break their game because they released untested code in order to fix a critical issue I could understand the complaining (even then, pointing out the early access state of the game would be a legit argument...).

    Simply saying 'no hotfixes for the "stable" build' would be very shortsighted. Imagine they manage to entirely screw up the next major release and a hotfix could be deployed within a few hours. But they can't do that because some crétins decided that mods are more important than development?! And we would need to wait for weeks until the next major update gets released? That would seem pretty silly to me.

    So people can criticise hotfixes when they break something, as long as it's not mods.
    To say they shouldn't consider modders and their work is beyond ridiculous. This is a sandbox game.

    I'm not saying modders should have direct influence of the game development. But modders and their works are literally the biggest fans of their games, and their successes is the biggest feedback for the game to possible pick up on.
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    so, I make mods, my future is a game dev and I get there by making mods. Base game can be broken, only then I will shine, that I used the broken game, did all in my power to prevent proper devs to fix it. Fixed things mean I cant boast of my superb skills, so all the mods in my portfolio mean that I will be getting paid in the future- the more non-working base game the better. With a working base game, my achievements will seem miniscule. My agenda is against fixing the game, while this is not in the interest of the majority, I am so above everyone else that my voice only counts, disregarding the rest who do not play (my) mods. The game is mine to decide whether it is getting patched! Hear it TW ?!!! I, the center of the universe demand you obey my selfish whims and do as I command !!! I simply cant let you, TW, ruin my game dev future ! I demand compensation, 'youve stolen my childhood' !!! :wink:
    Bruh...the trollest of the troll statements ever.

    I want a full game. But I would also like TW to realize their game is full of holes and that their fan base would really appreciate if they maintained a better system of updating their game in segments. Their current system of stable and beta versions is good, and I wish they stayed dedicated to that. Hitfixes are understandable right after their updates drop. But its been about 2 weeks now and boom a miniscule hotfix that also breaks a lot of mods. Why couldn't they just hold it until their next big update in 1.5.
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    Seriously people, why do not you just let die this threat? There are tons of issues in the game and you could be giving feedback but sadly this is the only threat in forum which get a new message every minute.

    (And yes, I know that I am also contributing to bump this threat but It is due to a noble cause :razz:)
    People have opinions to share here. Go "noble cause" those other threads than.
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    Oh well, there goes my play time.
    Mod tweaks got updated thank god. i tried playing vanilla again, literally almost uninstalled the game Lol
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    Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    Not bashing on the game but i agree complete that the game is a grind fest. And that's why i play with mods, (until i can find the files to edit myself), because even with the game set to reward 5x the exp and renown (thru mods), the game still is long and more enjoyable imo.

    Vanilla would have you battle 100's of looters to just level up to a decent in game level. while after possibly days of playing, you've would have had raised and lost armies of superior troops compared to your own characters skill.

    I understand that its possibly better to have a low baseline when it comes to skill and game progression. but the current speed is just waaaaay to slow. If they just allowed skill progression thru arena fights i would accept that, because i can't spend a whole day, just trying to find find low tier enemies to try to get one or two sword swings in.
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