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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Working on Egypt / Fantasy scene (something like that).
    Shots from Unity 3d

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    CAMELOT_DM ban

    Merlinz remove rage voting to kick player....90% of that is total abuse by little angry kids against good players, not trolls or against teaming. Also what is the deal with this vote crap!? People press 1 or 2 randomly just to remove that window from their screen, you get kicked because some noob start poll against you being better then him. Hope wont see that crap in is just bad design overall.
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    Kicked from server

    Playing Warband MP on Steam almost everyday today list of servers got very short (wtf?!) ...can't find servers i usually play expect one. I think it is "ZGH" siege, and when i try to join immediately got message "kicked from server". And there were few more ser i tried to join and same...
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    SacredStoneHead said:
    That's actually very very good.

    Is it for a mod or something?
    No... not for mod. Mybe in future will try to create mp maps when will have enough 3d models
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Did not post here long time...preoccupied with modeling and playing Warband mp  :mrgreen:

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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Beobart said:
    ****in´nice. But not ingame in Warband, right?
    Shots are made in Unity Engine. Right now i don't work on any mod for Warband. I done lots of stuff for some Roman Fantasy mod...but mod is dead. So this is just killing free time.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Currently working on big dungeon pack...almost finished. I know images are kind dark, but this is how i usually love to create scenes. Not perfect to show your work but  :neutral:
    Anyway nice to see 2000 pages hit! Lol i think i was there when we hit 1000 :mrgreen:

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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Yeah i usaly test my textures and normals in unity looks much better then in max and so easy to import :grin:.

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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Some stuff im working on.
    Tower with interior, Gate tower and walls - (1500 poly)

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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    xenoargh said:
    @Al Mansur:  Nice job, those little tiny castles must be fun :smile:

    @Rathos:  I like the shield, good start! 

    1.  The normals on the straps and rim are really week, vs. the wood.  Really, it should have some real geometry there, I think, at least for LOD0.  Too late now, so you're going to need a lot more contrast there.  IDK why you'd do a high-poly sculpt for something this simple, though; if you kept your layers intact, you could do the normalmap in just a few minutes.

    2.  The metal feels really blotchy, contrast-wise.  Try dumping a much more neutral metal in there and doing simple inner glows to establish a basic border.

    @OrangeKnight:  ...where's the cannon?  You can't get better if you don't finish what you start :wink:

    @Xelvod: Yay, a balrog :smile: 
    1.  I'm wondering where the 30K tris are, because it's not obvious where you're eating all that geometry.  The body's not bad, the wings aren't bad... are there crazy loops getting used on the head?

    2.  The diffuse needs more work; if you're 3 days in, by all means, cut yourself a little slack and enjoy the holidays :smile:
    lol i work few hours one day and few hours next day etc. Not 72 hours...
    and yeah 3k not 30k
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Flame of Udûn
    i finish this today ...(3 days work) - Around 3000 polys
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    It would be very good, if you can chose your weapon before fight. What can i do with bow against horde of horsmen. Or if 3 guys with shield and sword attacking me. I know you can pick weapon from ground but that just depends of situation if you can quickly find sword or shield, but if not ...your are dead meat.
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    Official 3D art thread - Warband

    Little progres on Arena

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    MP Antiquity Fantasy [WB] Arena of Gods GLADIATOR MOD (&ELEPHANT PREVIEW&)

    theAthenian said:
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