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    Need More Info [1.4.3] Baravenos Encirclement - wonky ballista

    I've noticed this on the custom siege server so far (will try to test it out on the quick play once people start playing again ). The ballista on the attackers side, the one on the right side - close to the trebuchet and siege tower, shoots the bolts roughly 45 degrees to the right, from the...
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    Siege Server Test (EU)

    Great stuff, absolutely love it, many thanks
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    SondiRWolf MP Highlights

    Interesting choice of the soundtrack...
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    Catapults need some love

    Playing a good catapult operator can be very rewarding in siege: destroying those pesky walls, so archers have nowhere to hide, making gaps in walls so your team can get to those flags faster and of course trying to get the enemy catapults before they get you. Having said this there are still...
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    Bannerlord's biggest missing feature!

    I mean, even without searching for it before posting... This video has 200k+ views and has been published on 19th of April. Of course someone would have already posted it here and on Reddit.

    I still thinks this masterpiece needs more exposure :grin:
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    Bannerlord's biggest missing feature!

    Goddamnit, I even searched for the title and nothing came up. I'll show myself out
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    Bannerlord's biggest missing feature!

    Pure gold 😂
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    Need More Info Crashing after upgrading Cavalry troops

    +1, happens to me as well. Seems to be with mounted troops at the moment.
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    Easy way to see a friend in siege?

    +1 I don’t have any friends, but I love the idea
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    Warm up rounds instead of long waits pls

    When it comes to quick play - can we have an option of messing around in warm-up on a server until enough players gather instead of staring at the main menu for ages? I can see the players searching with the same criteria so, what's stopping such a way - works quite well in PUBG
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    Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    This is me on a horse, trying to hit an infantry enemy with a one handed sword. (or a 2 handed sword for that matter.)
    YES! My feeling ls exacly. Don’t know if I’m getting older but I feel the hitboxes were much more forgiving in Warband.
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    POLL: Should players be able to disable the aging mechanic?

    It does seem like a very interesting concept and if done correctly (for example your heir inheriting your skills, but starting from lvl1). Once again I think Mount and Blade is all about the freedom of choice and thus the option of turning it off should be there.
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    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    I don't think people understand the crux of the matter here. This learning-by-doing system. The reason why it's so problematic, is because, in an effort to simulate reality, it inadvertently limits the very idea of roleplaying itself. How do you simulate gaining the experience of riding a horse? There's a lot of possible ways for you to gain that in real life, but in a video game, it's impossible to account for all the possibilities, then you only have a limited specific ways to gain experience from it. This realization is what turns the game into a chore, as you often have to do the same exact way every time, just to enjoy the very action that it entails in the first place (i.e. riding a horse). Even further we can ask: Why bother putting the system in the first place? Why not just make the game like a traditional action-adventure video game? You can already see the experience of your character yourself. Why counting it twice?

    With the traditional 'general experience' points, all the possibilities a character has are tied to two things: First of all to (potentially) any action they make from the viewpoint of the game rules. You can gain experience from killing bosses, completing a quest, or whatever the rules allowed. The second thing is the player can distribute the points themselves. The player then can interpret whatever happened themselves back then. This is what true role-playing is. On the one hand you have 'rules' that game designers have made. On the other hand, you subjectively decide what the details the character has done and what he's gained so far. The measurement points are just there for convenience. It's not even needed.

    Now, if we look back to the learning-by-doing system, it is precisely the objective rules that have become too draconian and too intrusive, as to decide what actions count as 'experience', down to even the simpler stuff. It is true that Warband is too reliant on warfare-oriented stuff, but the problem can be easily alleviated by giving experience points to non-combat approaches to encourage them. However, some people would point out that the name 'Mount and Blade' itself already implies that the game should revolve around combat, first and foremost.

    Very nicely put. I'm with you 100% on this.
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    Can't join a faction: "Your clan is at war with factions ______ is not at war with."

    I neeeded to resort to the devs console and cheat mode and then just type in: campaign.make_peace_with_every_faction
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    Opinion: Your toaster computer is your own fault, not Taleworlds.

    As much as I love the game I think it is badly optimised. I mean I'm running it on GTX 1080 Ti with the rest of specs to match and I still get stuttering when auto-looting everything, switching between inventory and character screen etc. I mean these are the things that we're going to be doing thousandfold times so I would expect them to run flawlessly smooth early access or not. What's the point of a fancy character gui when it lags to load...
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