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  1. Favorite Minor Factions?

    Hi All! Just established my kingdoms been thinking of what minor faction to hire thinking of Legion of the Betrayed. Whose your favorite and why?
  2. Favorite Mods so far?

    How do you run so many of them? :O I am only able to get a couple going before it would mess up my game. Is there a way to tell if they are compatible together?
  3. Favorite Mods so far?

    Does Bannerlord gui remind anyone else of Oblivion? Also makes me wonder what is the max number of compatible mods. What have you all been running? The check box system leads me to think you can run multiple mods at a time. What is the largest number of compatible mods you are all running with?
  4. Unsolved execute last member of kingdom you don't get there settlements

    When you killed them all did their pocession go to their next of kin?

    Maybe she will die sooner and the throne be passed to the daughter anyways late game?
  6. Crash Upon Attacking Hideouts?

    Yeah just saw the update. They asked me if I was sure I wanted to run it since saved game is old now. Fingers crossed I didn't lose my first 11 Hours.
  7. How come I cannot start a gang?

    When you start fights with them it allows you to loot there workshops and equipment. Haven't tried this yet but curious what happens after you fight them when in the town screen you choose to leave clansmen / companion behind would they allow you set up?
  8. On Mercenary Contracts

    Yeah, def decided against being a merc for that very reason. Cheaper to help them on the side lol.
  9. Recruiting Cavalry, equipping companions???

    It is more like doing small quests for them. Whenever you get into an alleyway scuffle (bring lots of companions with good civilian gear). You get some loot of whatever workshops the local gang lords own. An example is when I attacked a silver workshop. I ended up with a good amount of Silver...
  10. Crash Upon Attacking Hideouts?

    Just curious to see if this is just my machine or is everyone else crashing during loading screen whenever they are attacking outlaw hideouts. Doesn't matter if it is bandit, sea raider sand or etc. They just keep crashing during load screen :/. It is not even a quest... Don't think it is my...
  11. Are my children going to grow up?

    Maybe later down the line as your clan levels you will be able to select them as your heir?
  12. Recruiting Cavalry, equipping companions???

    Build a financial empire first. Partner with Local gangs. Raid nearby kingdoms but do good in the other kingdom. Soon enough all your companions can have custom forged equipment.
  13. What do you do early game?

    Hmm I am now collecting companions the caravan feature seems to be an easy way to offload our companions to do all the dirty trading work for us. I don't mind the fighting just the finance building. You go into town buy a workshop from any area and change it into a wood workshop.
  14. SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Hey Gang starting right back up. Just out of curiosity anyone have a list of the biggest group of companions possible? I noticed that the wiki is a little out of date. If anyone has the information readily available that would be absolutely wonderful :).
  15. Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    :o is there a way for me to purchase dragons or wyverns? I never seem to see them in the shops. Or are they just that rare?