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    NAEAST skirmish & captain servers are broken

    At this point even the TDM, Duel, and Siege servers on East are terrible. im from westcoast but I can feel a huge change in stability for the server and it is affecting hit registration as well as lag
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    Fix this now

    After this terrible patch I feel like I should no longer waste my time playing my life away, im going to go out and pursue my dreams!!! Thanks Taleworlds.
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    Fix this now

    i havent played this game in 30 days, in that 30 days ive been thinking about playing this great game called bannerlord, that i had spent over 2000 hours playing on multiplayer, here i am now playing it again, and its been pretty horrible. I've played this game again, nothings been done about the crashes, there is absolutely no player base in the captain/skirmish NA east/west community, yall have done absolutely nothing but add some stupid perks that pretty much makes this game like call of duty, but tbh, it'd be all worth if when you guys at least add some sort of reward for playing skirmish or captain, or at least having gear you can buy that can give you stats, maybe some sort of trading system, it'd definitely make the game more interesting for the more casual players. hell just put me in charge please, ill just delete the whole game so i dont have to worry about this game that i used to spend my whole life, and so many others that no life this game. make it more interesting please, or ill do nothing about it. thank you tailwerlds.
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    Fix this now

    On top of this multiple perks need to be removed, Anything affecting weapon speed is just making this game unplayable. Nobody blocks anymore. How am I supposed to do anything against 2 savages both with a falx, and the swing speed perk? oh just step in front of one making the other one hit his friendly if he spams too? Nope doesn't work because THERE IS NO FRIENDLY FIRE
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    One-life mode

    I made 3 maps for the mode for now, it wont use skirmish maps I guess. The bigger ones were used (in an early unfished state) for the big Battlelike TDM events a while back.
    So 2 Big maps (100+) and one smaller one (~20 players) to start with.

    While I totally get why people are upset with how skirmish works and the class system over the equipment system is used in Bannerlord. I strongly disagree with the flag mechanic being worse, for me that new mechanic is one of the improvements of Bannerlord over Warband. In Warbands battle there were also 3 flags really, as in 3 random flag locations and one would spawn.

    The new system also has three flags, but allows you to decide where the last flag is gonna be, if you take map control or early fights. In warband it was basically wait around until the last flag came up, the small competitive tournaments showed that, but also bigger battle events like the calradic campaign and such.

    The new system gives you opportunities to take map control and early fights seriously, but you can also sit back in warband like fashion and camp and then just go for the last flag.
    I get what your saying, and I will reserve judgement until I am able to play it. My main concern is that it will basically become a conquest gamemode, however if myself and others truly dislike it in the end we could always mod a Battlemode in when such an option becomes available.
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    One-life mode

    It will use the same flag system as skirmish yeah (obviously with different timings).
    @NIN3 @AVRC I am a bit concerned about the flag system. My main direction for MP is to build a clan scene similar to Warband but especially NW with organized battles and siege events.

    I guess siege is ok as is, though I would prefer there to be fewer points and instead have them be staged to try to focus the fight in a particular area, such as a flag in the siege trenches, the next inside the outerwalls, then the courtyard, then inner walls and finally the keep. My problem with the current iteration is firstly how separated the fighting is between all the points, secondly all the back capping that occurs, and finally the lack of friendly fire though that is being worked on as I've been told a number of times.

    However when it comes to battles among clans I don't know how I feel about having a flag system, especially with how it is implemented in skirmish which used to be my primary mode before it died, I have over 1000 wins in EA and about 300 in Beta so you know im not talking out of my ass about it. But my concern is that firstly the attention of the battle will be divided among multiple points, instead of having the large scale conflict and controlled chaos that is so enjoyable about these events. Also I would be furious if a battle ended in a loss to moral instead of a fight to the death.
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    How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    Hit detection this patch is terrible in my opinion, and this goes for multiple things though primarily in relation to blocking. In the last patch you could just turn your character with a side block to stop an incoming attack from the opposite side but now it rarely works and idk if its because of my ping or this patch, though since I was able to do it easily last patch id say its the later.
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    One-life mode

    I swear to god if they try to make it like a Conquest gamemode like they did siege, Orion will have to give me my 4th Profile warning for "inappropriate language". Ima make the forum's censors work overtime
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    How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    this is why this game is so bad, it promote not practicing, swing spam xD
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    How does everyone feel about the recent patch?

    So im not going to add any of my own opinions to this thread since TW's has graced me with 3 warnings on my profile because facts hurt their feelings, how does everyone else feel about the most recent patch? Was the addition of perks a good idea or do you think it broke the balance of the game...
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    Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Why the hell did you have to add perks to MP, it completely ****s up the balance we worked on for past 2 years. I am done, I am so f-ing done with this company
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    This update absolutely sucks

    I agree with all of this, warband's loadout system was by far superior. And the game literally feels like ****, I usually play a few games when I get home from work, but I played 10 minutes today and now I feel like uninstalling. My only hope is that the S&M team is able to release our mod, but god knows TWs will probably just hold Custom Servers over our heads because their jealous that we can actually deliver to our supporters.
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    1.6.1 new perks

    This update is dog****, hit detection is still trash, servers still crash constantly, and all the speed buffs and no team damage enabled only makes S H I T T E R S spam more, not to mention they didn't even fix the shield on back after pila throw.
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    I'm no longer enjoying this game

    You are right about all of it.
    But your privileges as North American blinds you from seeing that while you are asking devs to add or change the multiplayer system or servers, to allow you to play not with 90ms, but lower; Here in Latin America we struggle to find the best server, the less laggy is West NA servers with the smooth and fluid connection of 190 ms.
    It's just great shooting an arrow and seeing that you missed because you are "poor people who can't and won't play this game because they are too busy trying to eat and not starve. They do not have internet, and surely they can't afford 60 bucks".
    Well, let me tell you that I and everyone who paid for this game, paid the full price as North Americans did, as Europeans did and everybody who bought this game. BUT.... we don't get the same game as you my darlings, oh no no no. We only got the single-player. That it's ok... for EA.
    And what about the multiplayer? you may ask... And the answer is " **** you, I won't give you any server even that we expanded our current "VIP servers for 1st world country", and if you want to play go ahead, you can. But forget about going in without a shield boi. Cuz you are going down. Down like the hopes that I had on this game T.T

    I don't want to rest importance on your complaint. But everything that you are pointing just don't care to me and a lot of people that can't play this game because the devs won't give us any server to play it :sad:
    Seems like a joke right?
    But it is actually true.

    Greetings from Argentina and I hope to play this game online someday. Or that T.W. gives me back half of my money (and of course that will never happen) because I can only play half of the game I bought.
    I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with this, but I think my main point was that TWs isn't doing enough of anything to aid the success of MP. And that includes all the issues I listed but also those that you listed, such as needing a south american server. They simply don't communicate with any of us and although it affects us all, it is harsher to come more than others.
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    I'm no longer enjoying this game

    Get in line lmfao, you are not special
    not trying to be special, but unlike you im voicing my concerns
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