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    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    It took them a while, but can't say they were lazy :P
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    Suggestion for a change to how ramming the main gate works

    I think it really shouldn't be balanced that way, there surely has to be a better solution. The ram seems to be quite useless most of the time, which really doesen't justify the efford to push it to the front gate. Opening the front gate to render a ram useless just doesent make any sense and...
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    Suggestion for voice chat

    I really like that idea! Allthough its more fitting for custom servers, since noone would really listen to the commander anyways in open servers. Its the place where everyone is equal and just wants to have some fun. For competitive situations, like clan matches for example, it really would make...
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    what about hunting?

    I still do think otherwise. I will take Skyrim as an example. The main focus in this game is combat, trade, quests and the skill trees, which support all of them. Those mechanics are pretty well fleshed out already, but there are also things like I mentioned, which are quite simple and don't...
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    what about hunting?

    To be clear, things like that would of course need to get fleshed out "way" more to make sense for Bannerlord, but they are necessary to give the game debth, at least in my opinion. There are allways times, where I just want to do something else than fighting, selling stuff and taking care of...
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    what about hunting?

    @Noudelle I get where you're coming from, but keep in mind, that every little activity adds debth to the game, which there is a big lack of in Bannerlord right now. Hunting in VC was quite plaine and useless, so were wood hacking, mining, building ships, hiring bards etc. But it gave you the...
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    what about hunting?

    Hunting was a lot of fun in Viking Conquest already, even though it was fairly simple. It wouldn't take much at all to improve it, adding more trees to the hunting maps and making hunting more rewarding would make a "huge" difference already. Lords you have a good relationship with, could...
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    Possible to get pointy swords in the game ? ;)

    To be honest I found rapiers quite awful in WFAS. They seemed absolutely useless to me, since they had only one attack. In real life you would stab from different angles, up and down, which would be allmost impossible to block, but this kind of agility isn't really actionable with Mount&Blades...
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    Please change the light and heavy archer icons to something more distinguishable from each other

    I agree, that some of the icons should be more distinguishable, you should add some pictures and comparisons though.
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    [Poll] Cavalry in Siege mode

    Using cav in open areas and run behind the enemy lines without them noticing it, is the only real use they have in siege, so it would be contraproductive to change something about that. The only real problem I see with cav in siege, is climbing stairs. Horses should not be able to climb stairs...
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    The “Crushed Through” Solution

    A crush through shouldn't deal so much demage at all, since a large part of the force "has to" get absorbed by whatever it crushes through. Especially in a game like that, it doesen't really make sense, since it punishes players who trained to adapt to the games mechanics and empowering players...
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    MP suggestions

    Adding bots wouldnt revive the multiplayer, trust me. Playing with bots is depressing and no replacement for real players at all, since m&b mp lives through the interaction between players. Sure, it would help starting a siege game, but if you like to play a siege against 100 bots, why don't...
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    Add an Aim dot to the balista

    Feel free to tell us about other ideas to nerf the ballista. Yea thats kind of rediculous.. but keep in mind, you only need to get slightly bumped or fall 2cm and you instantly drop the stone without dealing any demage.
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    Add an Aim dot to the balista

    It would be very usefull and I often wish it had a crosshair, however, this is a very powerful weapon and it would be overpowered then. I think thats why TW chose to go without a crosshair.
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    can tw please communicate more?

    To be fair, that's already plenty to take care of