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    Little to no love for WFAS

    Let's be real, there won't be a patch. Period.
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    High Money Siege topic

    Donations are not active. You can get more items, among one of them is a flintlock pistol, with the use of our in-house mod BNEM. You can download it on our forums http://bladenet.eu/forums.
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    High Money Siege topic

    A server with this many players and admins not being online all the time will result into more and more reports/complaints, if we enable friendly fire in its purest form. I might introduce a system of some sorts that slays the player in question if has been hitting other friendly players a fixed amount of times.
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    High Money Siege topic

    Hello all, As you might have noticed, there's a new Siege server in Native Warband. This topic is meant to keep players updated to what's currently happening to the server and community in general. If you'd like to partake in discussions or have any questions, please visit our website and forum...
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    General discussion

    Will there be mod tools?
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    General discussion

    RancorSnp said:
    Since the players on TaleWorlds may not be aware on that, I will quote myself posting for another site, about how the curent ersion of Caribbean looks like, compared to the plans of the developers.

    Long story short, they needed to make full release now, while still will be adding the most important (and money consuming) content to the game for free in future updates.
    "Caribbean!" will be released in 5 days, still unfinished!

    That's right, as of this moment the date of release has been set to 20 th February 2015. But the game will not contain a lot of features on it's day of release. Interestingly enough, the game will receive content crucial(!) to the game, AFTER the official release.

    Giving an incomplete list of things that will be there from the beginning :
    - Completely new fame / renown system.
    Become renowned sailor, feared pirate, well known merchant or outlawed smuggler. What you can do within a game depends on whether you choose to get military or trading fame.
    - Taxes and smuggling
    - New Quest receiving system
    - Completely new Town outlay, and different system of building in towns.
    - New economy system
    - Character traits
    - Many other minor and major things. Really kinda lot (More than any other
    - Advanced Diplomacy and troop commanding
    - Advanced morale system, having a lot more impact on the battles than ever
    Mount & Blade game before)

    But the game will have features that will be added to the game LATER and this are very crucial! Contains the following :

    - Multiplayer Game (!) - That's right, the initial release does not contain multiplayer, players have to wait for it to be finished first.
    - Naval sieges
    - Creating your own towns
    - Strategic kingdom control
    - Units forming regiments in fights (Player and NPC owned troops with officers, drummers, flag bearers marching in one formation)
    - Fort / Castle management - Need to repair walls, buying cannons and other things to make it harder for the attacker.
    - Ability to enter taverns
    - Native tribes
    - Walking on the city scene
    - Female characters.

    As you can see the amount of things that will NOT be added on the initial release, is so big, you could already form a new M&B game out of it, but developers calm us, that all or at least most of this features will still be added to the game, later and most importantly for FREE.

    What are your thoughts on this choice guys? Was it right call to released the game early to gather funds for the most important features? Or maybe they should have waited with the release for the game to be fully complete, een if the money could run out and require some cuts? Comment

    Do you have the source where the developers actually said that (the features after the release)?
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    Loss of a member

    Updated OP with server details.
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    Loss of a member

    Hello all, I regret to inform that TvS_Athos, also known as TvS_Carlos, has recently passed away. The cause of his death was a cardiac arrest. 19 years of age, it is very unfortunate that it had to come to this. While this is a community based around a game and most of us don't know him in real...
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    Westres_BNet server information

    I'll look into the bans and unban ones that are due.
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    Nations Cup WFaS 2014

    lol this thread
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    BNet Winter Open

    Blade Network International Winter Open BNet Open is, as the name suggests, an open competition for all players. This is not an invitational competition. Everyone who joins a BNet Siege, TDM, DM, Duel or Battle server will automatically be enlisted into the competition and if you top the...
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    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    Good to see that they have decided to show some activity on both WFaS and Carribean. Good luck. :wink:
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    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    I know the situation I'm in and I will keep hosting the servers after Carribean has been released. But chances are I will be more active as a player and modder on Carribean than on WFaS and that the WFaS servers will cease to have any more updates.
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    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    They have also stated that Carribean beta would be released on December 2012. Snowbird have their own agenda and I really think they will only invest time in their own active projects: Eador and Carribean (even though there's barely any PR of this game).

    Well we can only hope they will release a patch for WFaS before Carribean, otherwise I see no point in returning to WFaS.
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    Patch proposition for With fire & Sword ( Multiplayer )

    While I agree with the proposition, the lack of players, the lack of servers, the lack of mods (Demon is a listed mod, yet rarely somebody plays it) and no updates whatsoever for the last 2 years says it enough, doesn't it?

    Let's be honest, they have abandoned the game.
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