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    SP Native DismembermentPlus

    Dang that is a lot of work. Wish taleworlds would have structured it "non-pairs" from the get go.

    Hate to say it but seems like might not even be worth it, considering any new armors added will not work, as well as any armors added by modders unless they decide to structure it this way.
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    [Suggestion] Fix rubber waist effect when polearm swing mounted


    A huge piece that is missing from mounted combat, is the agent does not lean to the side of the horse they are swinging from,
    This would allow for a much greater range of vertical tilt for the attacks, making engaging the infantry with 1 handed weapons much more viable.

    - Which is i assume why the horses are scaled down and are maybe 60%-70% the size of the real-life counterparts.

    - AKA Being tall on horse = impossible for AI and players to engage infantry because the sword swing would go over their heads due to poor mounted attack animations.

    - Also probably due to lance / spear problem. Since all of the agents hold the spears/lances basically in the middle when stabbing and even couching, the fully extended range of the tip bareley goes past the horses nose!

    - If the horse models were true to size, many of the couch lances in game would not even stick past the horses nose while couching!!!

    Example of leaning while slashing from AC1:

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    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    Bannerlord Class / System pretty much universally hated compared to Warbands, nothing new.
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    Why are we not using the SP Siege-Scenes? Classic Siege

    Spending time on converting SP scenes and an introduction of a new alternative siege game mode for the purpose of these scenes seems highly unlikely. New MP siege maps are being worked on.

    The Siege mode itself isn't finalized and is still being worked on as you can see in the latest patch notes. I will relay the thoughts you expressed here to the relevant developers.

    Please at least ask to release the terrain meshes for all the SP scenes once the game is complete.

    If the developers will not do it,at least give the opportunity to the community. This would be an easy way of increasing the number of multiplayer maps by at least 10 fold.
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    1.5.7 Combat Speed Adjustability

    Completely 100% disagree. Also last time I looked at decompiled code Athetics did not seem to play a role in swingspeed multiplier (Maybe they changed it?)

    Warband forumula was: Slow movement + Fast Attacks / Blocks

    Bannerlord formula is: Fast movement + Slower Attacks / (They fixed the block delay a bit)

    IMHO what makes the game fun is slower movement while still being responsive including side to side and back movements. And faster attack / block response and swing speeds.

    Problem is getting around the map needs to be a complete diffrent movement "Gear" than combat movement speed

    Combat movement speed -> Slower
    Running / Sprinting Speed -> Much Faster
    Acceleration -> Progressive
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    NA multiplayer is dead now

    It was dead for 6 months
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    Menavlion Infantry

    Again, the menavlion should behave like the Warband awlpike, straight stab/thrust and vertical swings (both in competitive and CM); no chop-copter side swings. And I repeat again, the menavlion on horseback is an unfunny joke (no mounted unit should be equipped with it; yes courser I'm looking at you).
    I do not think the problem is swinging per day, it is a persistent problem of spear / axe shafts doing the same amount of damage as if you are swinging a 10 foot long two handed sword.

    There is a simple logic check that can be done to see if the weapon hits with the “Blade” part or the “Shaft” part, then calculate damage accordingly. Already have that in RealisticweaponCollision

    And honestly think it adds a lot of depth to combat as you can use a real world tactic of closing the distance to the opponent to render the polearm ineffective, at the risk of being kick-stunned or block-pushed

    Currently you can hit with the Menav shaft that is 2 inches away from your hand and do 50-100 cutting dmg which is absurd
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    Stances, proper stance attack animations, options for inverse + hotkey

    I am of the opinion it is better for the gameplay to take out stances alltogether with LeftStance foot fwd animations and different attack animations, and all of the block penalties.

    1) The player has no combat-useful control over how the feature works.
    2) Playerbase does not understand what the feature does and how those calculations affect combat.
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    Suggestion General REQUEST, Official Coding Tutoiral on basics: Adding a Hotkey, Adding Custom Options to Options Menu

    Hey guys, Would love to see official documentation on how to: 1) Add and register a Hotkey To HotKeyBase, using proper HotKeyCategory, calling with OnPressed, OnReleased 2) Adding options to options screen, extending "ManagedOptions" under "Gameplay" Tab Adding "Dropdown Box" option Adding...
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    BL Coding Disable flinching in bannerlord

    <!-- damage related -->
    <managed_core_parameter id="DamageInterruptAttackthresholdPierce" value="5.0"/>
    <managed_core_parameter id="DamageInterruptAttackthresholdCut" value="5.0"/>
    <managed_core_parameter id="DamageInterruptAttackthresholdBlunt" value="5.0"/>
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    BL Coding Disable flinching in bannerlord

    "damageintertupthreshold" is the parameter you are looking for
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    Stances, proper stance attack animations, options for inverse + hotkey

    Trying revive @Silen excellent old stance thread with more suggestions on their true utility My opinion, please comment - "Correct" stance check in the current code should not add any "Correct/Incorrect Stance"...
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    SP Native Realistic Battle Mod

    I have not done much digging into that other than the radius, but pretty sure those can be changed from an .xml file
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    Siege Skala Landings

    Spawning right on the flag (or a few yards/meters away) is a poor idea. One-way barricades on the flag area are an even worse idea. Unfortunately; I don't think there's a good middle ground to spawn people in this map for last defense of G; it's either on top of the flag, or in between attackers and the flag (which is also bad), or a bit too far. I don't see a more balanced option without reworking the end area past G, I think just shifting the spawns won't give it the balance you're looking for, just favor the defenders too much.

    Care to elaborate why on 1 way barricades are such a terrible idea?

    Top of the keep would be ideal with a couple of 1 way barricades as shown in the screenshot.
    If it is just in the keep, creates an easy choke-point for attackers to close and keep defenders in spawn.
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