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  1. [MAC] Napoleonic Wars release date?

    Hello there, i 've seen that taleworlds intends to release warband + NW for mac so i bought both of them,but since my graphics card is Intel HD i cant use paulthetall mac version, so all i am waiting for is for taleworlds to launch the game for mac,any idea on the release date?
  2. Steam Workshop Support [BETA] - GAMECHANGER

    Why arent you working on releasing the dlc first on mac then the mods?
  3. 60th Royal American Rifles [EU] Recruiting

    Ingame name-Rok Steam Name- Manos Age- 15 Timezone- EET (Europe Eastern Time) Will you be active?- 3 days per week i will be able to play Previous Regiment Experience-I was in 21st Regiment as PFC but i left cz we had differend timezones and during the summer i could join their linebattles and...