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  1. Caravans companions and my lazy son

    Yeah its exciting time to be alive well for some of us i guess you can say taleworlds had the same problem with their game
  2. Tournament mode “Hardcore”

    The crowd cheers as the last foe laid slain in the arena and racked my 100th victory and it dawned on me. Why isnt their a hardcore mode? Let me explain. When you start a round you start with what ever life you have currently in the game which is sometimes a blessing or a curse if you got 20%...
  3. Siege engines confusion

    As i have been waging the eternal war with the West Empire it would end up take a town. lose the town and retake the town and so forth and so on till one us ends up with 41 nobles locked away in a town or castle but thats not where my problem or suggestion comes into play.. its the sieges...
  4. In Progress Diathma needs rails...

    Could you capture a screenshot of where exactly the troops are falling off?





    its hard to get the moment of fall but its big around that immediate left turn/corner on the wall from the staircase however it seems the AI finds itself throwing its units down where ever off the wall. seems normal on the right wall/ the ai will keep throwing guys off the wall till they have zero left... same results with ladders and siege tower
  5. In Progress Diathma needs rails...

    Could you capture a screenshot of where exactly the troops are falling off?
    How do i upload photos im kinda new to the forums
  6. In Progress Diathma needs rails...

    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Thank you and in the Meantime im gonna avoid defensive sieges there
  7. In Progress Diathma needs rails...

    Summary:Pathfinding is making both defenders and attackers fall off the wall. Its the left wall if defending most noteably next to the staircase and they are falling off the back end of the wall. Seems rails or something is needed since it doesnt seem fair to let the computer kill or wound...
  8. In Progress Ransoming prisoners returns less dinars than stated

    same problem on ver .10 running a sandbox game.
    I have 23 prisoners when i go thru the quick sell box 138 denars offered 92 denars received however if i select choose prisoners to ransom and select all i will get full 138 denars. I have roguery of 107 with all four top perks picked. This has been a constant issue at first i thought cause i didnt have the 20% better deals it was that but even after am still not receiving full offered prices thru quick click.
  9. Resolved 1.5.10 Clan members still die in battles with 100% reduction turned on.

    Ok its not just me than... im going thru tag alongs like butter and had to remarry twice as is. I thought dang no way my luck is this bad since getting ver .10 i since changed it to 50% and death for now seems way less frequent.. perhaps some values are getting mixed up... ive seen this before with a nuclear world leader in another game... oh and im not using any mods
  10. Caravans companions and my lazy son

    Ok let me get this out of the way and if this has been brought up before im new around here and i apologize. I understand there is need for balance for caravans and not everyone and their mothers should be able to run caravans and its set for companions only and that has its limit based on the...
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