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    What's the point of Tier 6 units?

    Tier 6 infantry will probably come when Nords are added.
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    Please fix Snowballing and Diplomacy issues for once and for all - Beta 1.4.2

    They can't fix them permanently yet - they still have game mechanics and content to add, which will break the balance.
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    What do you think about population?

    That would just be another game mechanic, which needs balancing. There's already a ton of stuff to balance.
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    When will the 1.5 patch be released? this game is dying very fast

    Why do people care about perks? Most of them have boring effects, like just changing the numbers a bit. (More health, more damage etc.)

    I'm much more interested in TW getting diplomacy and battle AI fixed. Also, making the campaign map more interesting. Those change the gameplay a lot more than some stats changing from perks.
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    Suggestion: Units without shield in shouldn't be on the first row of the shieldwall

    Maybe they should be in a different group by default?

    I also think every troop with a one-handed main weapon, should have a shield.
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    In Progress The Typo Thread - post typos here as you find them

    2) There's an armor named "veteran_mercenary_armor".

    This one was fixed in 1.4.1.
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    What small Quality of Life improvements would you want TW to implement?

    Also, if I can't upgrade a troop to anything, because I don't have a war horse or disciplinarian perk or some other requirement, then the 'upgrade ready' icon should be grayed out or something.
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    What small Quality of Life improvements would you want TW to implement?

    Shorter item names. Inventory often looks like a word salad, because so many items have 3-5 words in their names.

    Also, less unnecessary text in other places as well. Often the same thing is said twice. Examples:

    A gave birth to child.
    Child was born to A and B.

    Head shot!
    Delivered 60 pierce damage
    Body part hit: Head

    This kind of stuff. Just overall less spam please!
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    Wait what? Since when does Eve have modding tools? We're talking about Eve Online, right?
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    Nope. Sandbox means just what it means. I bet you believe Skyrim was a sandbox because you didnt "have to" do quests. By your definition, World of Warcraft was a sandbox just because it was open No. Wurm Online and Eve were 2 of the extremely few actual sandbox MMOs and M&B IS one of the few actual sandbox games there are. Total War is that way ----->

    I like how you never actually said what makes a game sandbox.

    What makes Eve sandbox, but not other open world MMOs? The fact it lacks content and players have to come up with it themselves?
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    Yes. A game lacking features and being moddable does not make it "sandbox".

    "Sandbox" means it's not focused on a linear story or progressing through the game in a predetermined.way. A sandbox game is an open world game, which gives players a lot of freedom. That does not make it ok for the game to be void of content and features.
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    ... You should interact with lords more, and their relationships with you and their personalities should matter...

    This is the kind of stuff I'm worried about - I don't want to chase lords around to chat and play minigames with them, because otherwise they might not like me and my kingdom will collapse.
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    I agree with you on your priority. Combat, AI and tactics are by far the number one things to improve. But that doesn't contradict the demand for RPG elements. RPG does not mean boring grind, it just means depth, immersion and possibilities to play as you please as a player. And in that regards M&B was always an RPG. If you don't like a living world to immerse yourself in then you don't have to - as long as the unique M&B core works.

    I do like living immersive game worlds and even mentioned that in a previous comment. However some of the most immersive games with good atmosphere are Freelancer and the STALKER series in my opinion. Yet neither of those is an RPG. Also, neither of those create immersion through adding on side activites like minigames or grindy crafting skills. They achieve immersion by creating a believable game world through NPC interactions with each other.

    I'm just concerned that if they add more RPG elements, then the game will get grindy. We already have skills, relation, renown and influence, which can be grinded. I don't want to spend 10 hours on repetitive side activities before my character is ready for the main gameplay.
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    What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    What do will players do if there is no RPG mechanics? 99% repetitive fighting and 1% of kingdom management? Game will be even more desolate without RPG stuff.

    There are already enough RPG games. Games like Witcher, Elder Scrolls and countless MMOs already give you enough side quests, loot and skillpoints. Why would you want this game to offer you the same things so many other games already have?

    M&B series has always offered something unique - it's battle system, where you are both a commander and a fighter. Improving that should be priority #1 for the devs. Grinding smithing skill to get a weapon with higher numbers is not fun gameplay and I wouldn't want them to waste any development time on stuff like that.
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