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    Props, weapons, armor: make a request

    try making 3rd age elven armor (based off the lotr movies) if you need a site to find great pics heres one:
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    i cant even get onto the computor, needs a new hardrive, and the e-mail isnt an online one

    basicly short and sweet, i cant get on, how can i , if there is a way, make it transfer to a different e-mail
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    i cant, the comp has become unactive (hardrive crashed) since i purchased it
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    Yes i have searched, and found nothing... I have purchased the game via paypal and well itwas bought on a different comp and the ID code cannot be retrieved, is there a way to have it deleiverred to an alternate e-mail adress other then the one used when it was purchased??? or do i have to pay...
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