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    [WRL] Statistics

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    [NC2019] Congratulations, Acknowledgements & Thanks

    When we saw that we can die in peace ! :grin:
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    kel said:
    you guys ruined my plans to seduce seolhyun tho :xf-mad:

    Dont underestimate yourself you'r a great warrior im pretty sure she knows it !  :cool:
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    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    That was sick, clearly proud to be a part of this epic match ! Grats to NA !  :party: :party:
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    :ohdear: :ohdear:
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    [BladeCast - Storyline] France & BeNe seeking the ashes of past glory

    First time i've been mentionned in such a nice article  :oops: !

    Thanks a lot mate for this quality work !  :party:
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    The Pantheon

    Sick topic and sick music :grin:
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    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Caius_III said:

    Awwww Winstonnnn  :ohdear: :ohdear:
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    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Scarta said:
    Apollo~ said:
    Belgians should be allowed to play for france instead imo, not like Netherlands needs them. France really does :smile:


    DO THEY?

    Killiaaaaaaaaaaan Mbapeeee :fruity:

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    How famous is the above player?

    Best Ranger Div A, 99 Archer, Mighty Chamber Knight of Malta !  :fruity:
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    [MP Discussion] Bannerlord Release Date - March 2020

    Gibby Jr said:
    NC and WNL before March pls
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