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    No, not a single person is hyped for tomorrow :fruity:
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    Modding Inspiration Thread (Brainstorm with me)

    @alieser I recently started the Dune series, and Im currently on Children of Dune. I really like the idea but I think a few concepts would be really janky in M&B, such as the guns and ornithopter mounts. I think you can compare it to some of the Star Wars mods easily. Despite the really cool...
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    If Bannerlord's release date gets announced at Gamescom...

    You know the release date is now 10:00 UTC on the 30th? Idk about the other guys, but I'm buying it the second its avaialble.
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    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    Save the brawl for the belligerent drunks. What we have here is much more exciting
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    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    9 pages of ****post in only 4 hours *insert michael jackson eating popcorn meme*
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    Early Access Information

    A noble cause. Eh, I feel otherwise. I think it will add a lot to the feel of the world and medieval setting to have to worry about your own death, and ensuring you have heirs etc. My favorite part of M&B is always the beggining anyway. This just means I can do that while continuing to see my...
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    Early Access Information

    You serious? It's my most anticipated feature... I got so sick of having to fight the same lords 1000x over, and not being able to kill them if they sincerely piss me off.
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    If we dont get any announcement or blog on the last thursday I'm gonna be pissed
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    Spears are too overpowered

    Should he post a video of thrusting his spear into a guys shield for 2 minutes instead? Surely that will better show how theyre OP and their many issues :fruity: Maybe I will demonstrate how shields are OP by not blocking at all and letting people cut me up
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    Just want you to know you're my new favorite forum member. Poland #1

    Just want you to know you're my new favorite forum member. Poland #1
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    Will the Battanians be balanced?

    I was gonna say this. But I'll add that it could be really tough to take their castles anyway because they specialize mialny in archers, but also have really good infantry. It balances out the cav being horrible, but means they could be OP in sieges and suck in fields.
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    You're awesome 😉
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    You get none because you used too many emojis!
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    Deploying troops on map before battle

    It is already a perk for one of the skills in game. Idk if you need it to do it before sieges, but definitely for field battles. I would prefer everyone having the option any time (except special cases like hideout attacks) but it's not a big deal. It takes two seconds to position everybody as...
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    Mates,anyone know when will the beta close?

    Long ago they said it would close before EA started. If not before, then it will definitely close once EA starts.