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    Creating a combat healing/lifestealing mod

    Hello all! Absolutely new at this and without any knowledge of C#... so I'm not sure this is actually feasible (for me). The concept has been done previously but it seems all mods that did it are now not working on the most recent version. Basically I wanted to create a mod, affecting the...
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    SP Native AutoBlocker

    Just some feedback: works pretty good on 1 vs 1 situations but seems like it gets confused when there are multiple enemies (i'm assuming it's changing blocking stances to try and block the next attack and there are multiple attacks coming from multiple directions).
    Also in tournaments it works 50% of the times, it seems to block erratically unlike in the open world.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Seriously, give Menthus' mod a try, it's pretty similar to the original autoblock experience.
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    SP Native AutoBlocker

    @Menthus: all I can say is THANK YOU. You've basically made the games' combat exactly like I wanted it to be. Honestly, I think it's perfect, if you alter anything please keep this version alive.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    just saw there's a Autoblocking mod out there, didnt't try it but some of the ppl who wanted it badly could try if it already works properly :wink:

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    SP Native AutoBlocker

    Bro i'd edit the first post, here's the link to the nexus page:
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    SP Native AutoBlocker

    Working on uploading it to the Nexus as we speak.

    You just made my weekend 200% better.
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    SP Native AutoBlocker

    Damn man, got a link so we can test it?
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Maybe let's dial down on the personal attacks here a bit? The topic is not who's good or bad at the game, but the lack of an actual accessibility option for people who might not have the opportunity to "just learn to block". Accessibility means more players, more players means a longer lifespan for the game, hell, maybe even more mods. It's still better than just a bunch of people who know each other on discord complaining how CASULS CANT GAME LIEK US AND GAVE UP ON OUR MAJESTIC GAME

    Like I said countless times, if you're young, healthy and normal, it's no problem using reflexes to block. If you're old, handicapped or anything (even just constantly stressed and on the brink of a mental breakdown), it might not be so simple as "just learning to block."

    Not to mention some of us have played Mount & Blade for the past 8+ years and enjoyed it WITH autoblock and never even dabbled in MP and we just want the same feature back.

    PS: assinatura porreira bacano.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Just learn to block it's not hard

    How does a feature that doesn't affect your gameplay but affects mine is relevant to you? If you don't want it, fine, but why reply to a thread where people are saying they want it unless you are trying to aggravate other users?
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Do you have a screenshot or a link to the Steam thread, Vausk?

    On the Steam thread it's already a quote from a quote...

    Still, kinda sad the devs haven't said anything about it officially, with so many threads and with so many replies I would reckon it's more important than adding items to the game. I'll be honest, for me personally if there is no autoblock feature to be had in the future i'm just going to refund the game.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    These games do not hold your hands. Learn with the rest, instead of complaining you can't block right or up. The biggest issue is some you will come to MP and get demolished than complain to the forums and devs that their game is too difficult to handle.

    This has zero to do with the request for a feature in SINGLEPLAYER that was available in the previous game; most of us actually bought the game because we enjoyed the previous game and we didn't care at all about the MP part of it.
    It's a feature, you either enable it or you don't, it was the same in the previous games, they outright removed it hence why people complain.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Oh I hope that isn't a troll. That'd make me very happy.
    Would be nice, considering that we are on the OFFICIAL FORUMS to actually get a dev response...
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    According to some poster on the steam forums they contacted the support team and got this response:


    We disabled the feature but there are many requests.

    So we are planning to add it back. We will announce it on our forums.

    Best regards

    TaleWorlds Support Team

    Hopefully it's true and we'll hear something official soon.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Autoblock would be welcome to this oldie. My reflexes ain't what they were :???:
    Same here, not all of us are 20 year olds. :grin:
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