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  1. 8° Reggimento Volontari di Massena "Lupi"(Cav) [Recruiting EU/ Italian speaking]

    Nice to see you around my friends.

    See you in battle :wink:. JimmyJazz
  2. How famous is the person above you?

    No idea my friend!!. No more native players around :sad:((
  3. "New" Battle map: De_dust2

    absolutely epic my friend!!
  4. 2e Régiment d'artillerie à pied {Recruiting} {NA Based}

    From cavalry from the Kingdom of Spain, best of luck my friends, and think about Sarnek's suggestion!!.

  5. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Question that isn't really related to mod but to server caping "thing". I tried using the information from an older post, it sais using an hex.exe to find certain string, and then change "3e" digits to, for example "7f". Where 3e is "64" for player cap.

    The problem is that verison has changed, and using the Hex browser at the server, I cannot find the exact string this guy said,108129.msg3388422.html#msg3388422  seems it changed in last verisons.
  6. Sunday Linebattle

    I have send you an MP, and added you to steam, but didn't get any response.

    Answer me when you have some time lance!!. Is about adding the RE to the weekly sundays.

  7. Battle of Ligny! 27-01-2012 (Historical Lb)

    IS there room for 7-12 cavalry men? from the RE  :lol: ( Re_LC_nick)
  8. 30th Cambridgeshire Regiment of Foot [Recruting]

    Best of luck from Reino de España!
  9. Lanceros De Castilla (Spanish Cavalry regiment)

    :p, it isn't when you have lances  :lol:
  10. Steam group; Regiment contacts

    Could someone tell me who do I have to talk to get invited? also bump the post up!
  11. Steam group; Regiment contacts

    If so, I've never heard of it
  12. Steam group; Regiment contacts

    Well my friends. Hi everyone.  I'm creating a new steam group for one purpose; Having in one group every "important" person, Colonels, captains, battle orginizers...etc, to be able to arrange battles easier. I did this with all the clans of Native, and I can tell you that arranging clan matches...
  13. ♦51st Regiment of Foot♦ [Clan][Recruiting!]

    I just killed an angry spider climbing up my leg
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