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  1. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    You can't talk someone to death, but if you live in Hong Kong and you sell the wrong books, one day you will disappear, you will end up in a kangaroo court, and nobody will see you again. So it's super easy to sympathize with anyone who is frustrated out loud, or at the very least it should not be very difficult to understand. Again, these are people with no power at all. They are maximally vulnerable. The only thing they have is a voice.
    In the HK bookseller case, the people involved deliberately wrote books to dig into the personal life of Xi Jinping and discuss his alleged extramarital affairs. They were warned several times not to do this beforehand.
    Is it right to kidnap these people? Of course not. But they sure as hell tried to kick the hornet's nest. I'd be more sympathetic if the book was about promoting HK democracy, but all they really wanted was to embarass the top leader.

    Now, with regards to free speech. I'd like to note that the HK protesters are often a bunch of hypocrites. They start out with legitimate grievances but their behaviour resemble the type of authoritarianism protested against. They routinely sacked malls and subway stations due to their cooperation with police (whom they spend every moment to provoke and demonize). They also vandalized businesses that are perceived opponents of their movements. For example, this article (which reports one of many violent riots in HK) wrote:
    Masked activists had also trashed restaurants run by Maxim’s, a catering firm that has become a frequent target because its owner’s daughter has criticised the pro-democracy movement. (Source:

    If the HK government were the ones sacking stores of their political opponents, then that'd be consistent of the desired narrative of HK being run by a totalitarian government. But in this twisted reality, the pro-Democracy movement is the one perpetuating the political-motivated assaults on individuals and businesses. And instead of denouncing these actions, supporters of the movement rationalized and normalized these acts. And aside from politically-motivated violence, there's also the rampant misinformation campaigns being run to advertise how they got attacked by the police while downplaying all the damage and terror they've caused the city and others.

    In any case, I love Hong Kong and hate Winnie the Pooh but I just can't find it in me to support this so-called "free-HK" movement. The movement has demonstrated not an ounce of truthiness, justice, or democratic value. People in the anglosphere only care about it because they are a great tool against CCP.
  2. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Those 2 companies don't ban people for cheating for 10 years without ample proof not off goodwill, see the difference?
    Paradox, Ubisoft, EA, and a bunch of companies are known for permaban trolls on their forum or games at a whim. This has been the norm and private entities are allowed to set boundaries on the conduct of their guests. I'll even cite the terms of agreement on the Paradox forum:

    All administrative actions taken by the Forum Staff should be considered a settled matter. These actions include, but are not limited to: delete/close/move thread/post, banning, warnings and Infractions. Public posts against administrative/Moderator actions are against rule 2 and will be deleted and penalties liable by the user. Users that wish to contest these actions with a good explanation should first PM the Moderator. If the situation cannot be resolved to mutual satisfaction, then you can escalate the matter by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] A decision given from there is final and not subject to debate.

    Let's keep on singling out TW and portraying it as the devil shall we?

    In the Old Guards eyes anyone who disagrees is "abrasive juveniles" just saying
    They are considered abrasive juveniles because their ultimate intent is to troll others and their misguided sense of self-entitled makes them cry like babies when they don't get their way.
  3. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    What you call hate appears to just be rebelliousness, and without control it is useless at worst and comical at best. You just don't have a sense of humor, and it is causing you to side with control against people who don't have any.

    Wrong priorities. Speech first. That's how we figure out who deserves control. We don't look to the master to learn who should speak.
    Freedom of speech actually has limit and that limit usually ends when it starts causing harm to other people. How that limit is set is often controversial and trolls tend to test that boundary, cite the First Amendment or "you don't have a sense of humour" when confronted, and end up banned anyway by moderators/admins who ran out of patience.

    This has been how the internet work since its inception. Especially for private companies, I rarely see trolls being allowed to roam freely in their platforms without restraint. Similar antics would've easily seen bans by Paradox and Ubisoft staff members who are usually strict about user conduct and have rules against open protests to their ruling. What seem to give trolls a false sense of security here is that they think their activities are now justified because they can use the totalitarianism of CCP to justify their basal behaviour and it seems that's not really working after all. Trolls with a banner are still trolls

    With this said, I do think Winnie the Pooh pictures should be allowed and the whole threatening Chinese unity is not a morally valid reason to ban. However, all those trolls who threw racist comments around with their abusive languages deserve their perma-ban. I think a lot of MMO's do give out permabans for misbehaving users. No need to single out TW.
  4. This is an open letter, aimed at revealing the China censorship going on right now by the Chinese mods,TW should be report investigate progess

    Lmao I’m pretty sure it is also called “Hong Kong feet” in Cantonese isn’t it? Plus I did read some story saying that it is called “Hong Kong feet” because when Hong Kong was ruled by the UK, a lot of British soldiers had fungal infection on their feet because of the humid, tropical weather of Hong Kong, not sure if they were more reliable than your claim that this name was invented by the Chinese lol.

    Also if you keep digressing and keep attacking ad hominem then this discussion isn’t going anywhere. Doing so does not consolidate your point, but only undermines your integrity.
    Also from Hong Kong. Born and raised as a native Cantonese speaker and barely speak any Mandarin. Ever since the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong, there's a wave of misinformation campaign headed by a bunch of abrasive juveniles. This is where you get these ridiculous argument about "Hong Kong feet" vs "China Flu".

    I'd have welcomed a constructive Bernie-style democracy movement myself, but these youths are of a different breed that bear a wholly destructive (and even self-destructive) agenda with "mutual destruction" being part of their motto (quite literally and there's a term for that in Cantonese).

    The only reason why people don't see through their antics is because their opponent is CCP and so whenever they are confronted with their lies, they hide behind things like Tienanmen Square, organ harvesting, totalitarian regime, etc, etc, etc.

    What's also shameful is that these people tend to not only limit their attacks on the CCP (which is the regime that's responsible for all these crimes they complain about) but they also help ferment racist sentiments against mainland Chinese people. One thing they fail to realize is that Asian cultures had worked hard over the past decades to diminish racism towards them and these folks are working to undo that social progress. Just look at all that racism shown on those screenshots as well as those extremely vulgar phrases being thrown about. It's just horrendous to see that casually thrown about.
  5. All kingdoms are at war with me

    This game is in EA so I wouldn't expect too much right now, although we should definitely give feedback on how to improve when we spot issues.

    I don't think non-imperial factions are predisposed to helping each other after the start of the game, since it seems like they never really had any sort of rapport for each other according to lore. However, non-neighbours should be pre-disposed to having alliances of convenience against common enemies.
  6. War declaration BUG

    More often that not, I don't even get a war or peace notification. I'd be like, hey how come this town I am travelling to suddenly became red.
  7. All kingdoms are at war with me

    There should be a smoother process for forming an upstart kingdom so that you don't always need to start with just yourself.

    Here are a few ideas:
    - Foreign sovereign sponsors independence
    - Diplomatic alliances for common foes
    - Civil wars and factional alliances/rivalries within realm
    - Claims/succession wars

    A more robust campaign strategic layer would also help that makes it so that certain parts of the map are easily defensible (e.g. how Portugal and Granada held off the Spanish via terrain advantages)
  8. Gang turf battle is basically unwinnable without cheese

    It seems like we got something that's even worse than fighting Forest Bandit Hideout. In gang turf battle, you are pit against 10 to 20 odds with only your city gear which is basically useless. Despite putting best melee troops on top of the roster, the fight will still somehow choose archers...
  9. [Fief voting] Upstart lord and Soverign getting disproportionate amount of fiefs

    Joined Vlandia which is steamrolling everyone. A problem I noticed is that the Derhert and a newly-defected lord Oros were basically getting every new fief. If Derhert is on the vote, he wins. Otherwise, Oros always wins. Right now Derhert has more than 10 fiefs and Oros has 5. There needs to...
  10. Please give direct control over attack direction and type

    would be nice to have key binding for ever attack. i mean all 4 directions. then you can bind them to a mouse button. mordhau allows you to do this
    It can be pretty helpful if you want to manuever and lock to a single attack time.
  11. Please give direct control over attack direction and type

    Hey bud, while I understand your concern, i want to save you some heat from some of the guys on here. Go to options and change "attack direction" to movement keys. That's as close as your gonna get. IMO you might wanna close this to further comments lol
    Actually that does fix things a bit. Let me try to see if it works the same as Warband. I wasn't aware the default is set to mouse.
  12. Please give direct control over attack direction and type

    More often than not in melee, my character will waste his attack turn by using terrible attack animations. For example, if I have a bunch of allies on my right, he will try to execute a slash from his right resulting in his allies blocking it. This issue was an annoyance in Warband but has...
  13. Here's why you're not getting that castle.

    I feel that the L5 clan that airdropped into a faction via defection shouldn't be getting chain-awarded fiefs just because his rank is high.
  14. Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    Not sure what you're using, but all i use from horseback is a sword. I have to use longer ones, but i use them. You can even use two handers from horseback now. And especially once you get into the horse crunch...that sword becomes pivotal.

    Edit: if the blade you're using is less than 100, it's too short to be effective. From horseback i always use a 110+ sword and i ahve zero trouble hitting infantry. It's far easier in first person mode too. The 3rd person camera skews angles a bit and you'll miss hits that you'd swear you were close enough for.
    I can try first person and see if it improves. my 1H sword length is at least 110
  15. Non-polearm mounted combat is basically useless

    Single player:
    OP, sorry, but you are basically completely wrong. If you have a shorter 1h weapon on Horseback you are not meant to charge another enemy with a polearm.

    You quite liberally use the term "completely wrong". To clarify, I am referring to attacking people on foot. The horrible attack animation often ensures your sword will sweep right above your target head instead of aiming lower. 1-H is actually pretty good in close quarter mounter combat because at least your attack animation hits at the right level.
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