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    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Any chance for new scenes for castles and villages?

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    SP Musket Era [WFaS] English Civil War

    NPC99 said:
    Uhtred Ragnarson said:
    This is pretty rad!

    The cats are merely animated scene props, not companions.  :oops:

    Then I retract my praise  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Some of the troops (especially Stormland troops) are missing textures and the troop trees are broken.
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    SP Antiquity Imperial Rome [Released] [Download] [Mastered] Валерий

    maater66241 said:
    If I get the download the game again from TW and use my Steam Code for Warband (which I am currently using since last year), will I still be able to play multiplayer on the Steam Warband?

    youll be fine
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    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    I mean... it is not even out yet. How do you know what tools or resources you will have with the damn game?  :roll:
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    SP Native Fantasy Nysne - Metamorphosis (Version 1.2 - check p.5)

    Nice screens, but your filter kinda ruins them :/
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    [S] Last Breath of Calradian Empire (ye Olde Thread)

    I too want sexual relations with this mod.
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    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Does the newest version include the Diplomacy mod?
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    SP Other [WB] The Office

    Was totally hoping to see Michael Scott raise an army. Oh well.
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