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    Need More Info Omor town siege gatehouse issue

    The area above the gate house has some kind of misplaced wall/object stopping people going into it. But it's not fully blocked and the AI is running inside and getting stuck. Pictures below:
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    Resolved [Beta e1.3.0] Right click on character portrait in tavern displaying incorrect character

    Playing e1.3 beta, can confirm is happening sporadically on that branch too.
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    Siege Skala Landings

    Have to link my own thread here as an exploit to reach G from attacker spawn has been found:
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    Resolved Skala landings siege exploit - Underwater route to G

    Story: So at the start of the siege round a great hero offers a few good men a route to G. Being a good man I oblige with some others. Our journey takes us on an underwater adventure that leads us to glory and swift victory. Results: Siege game reduced to under 5 minute attacker victory...
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    Some items still missing from Singleplayer?

    I have yet to find either a Western Bastard Axe or the Brawler horse type in singleplayer. Yet here they are on the Knight class in multiplayer. Is it just me or has anyone actually seen them in single player?
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    Without a doubt feels like THE definitive worst class in multiplayer, squishy, forced to use either javelins or spear. Just not fun to play. Could benefit from having different equipment options i.e. swinging polearms or bigger swords or alternatively having a shield or some armor worth having.
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    Urgently need more servers

    If we pick one option in quick play I don't see why we can't instantly be connected to a server and fight/chat in a warm up phase instead of looking at a dead lobby screen while waiting for more players to arrive. I think people would prefer 10 minutes stuck in warm up to nothing.
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    Can we make ALT also highlight arrow buckets?

    Trying to find arrow buckets as an archer can be a pain the ass. If I could tell where one was with alt highlight command, would save time and frustration.
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    Mirror match factions in multiplayer need better color differences

    When playing multiplayer sometimes you get a mirror match of the same factions fighting. The problem arises when the assigned colors are near identical, if not identical and cause confusion to players. The solution being a 2nd or 3rd color that is more contrasting would be far more ideal in...
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    Players admit to using macros in MP

    There's definite cheating going on in multiplayer, some players are swinging and blocking at ridiculous speed without error. At launch this wasn't happening.
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    Mendavillion is OP

    Not balanced at all. This weapon might be broken, from what I've seen looks like the hilt near the blade is doing damage.
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    Resolved Battle server crashes most games on multiplayer

    Has become worse since the beta branch moved to main branch, what gives?
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    I cannot connect to multiplayer

    Are they down because they're fixing them or they down because the problem has got worse?
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    Team Deathmatch Imperial Villa

    Never seen this map since beta either, has it been removed?
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    Siege Skala Landings

    The final flag defense point for this map takes too long for the defenders to get to. Moving or allowing some spawns closer to it would make the final point contest tighter and less of a push over for the attackers once they swarm the area.
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