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    Dev Blog 09/11/17

    YESSS!!! My favorite faction (for obvious reasons are obvious)!!!! Wooot!!!!! Can't wait!!!! Finish faster or at least take pre orders or something.

    Algha jigitter! Lok'tar Ogar! For the HOOOOOORRRDE!!! My life for Aiur! My life for Turan!!!!!!

    Now, looking forward to the Aserai (Sarranid-like faction) next, my second favorite faction. Then the rest of the factions! Woot!

    Battanians look awesome for the foot archers. Lately been having much fun with Lothern Sea Guard of the High Elves of Warhammer 2 (also Wood Elves are fun but their archers aren't really the killers, it's actually the Wild Riders, but I digress) Interestingly, the Wood Elves in Warhammer lore are known as Asrai (very close to the name Aserai) haha. High Elves are Asur. Dark Elves are Druchii, but again I'm just gushing over the game I've been playing lately the most.

    I think it'd be awesome for Mount & Blade to do Warhammer fantasy or at least a mod or spin off.

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    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 5 - Virtual Skeletons

    Shaping up real nicely!

    I do hope that besides the belligerent drunk (classic fan favorite), they add more Questgivers throughout Bannerlord's Calradia, like in the taverns, who dispense with many and unique quests. Also, some of these quests, I'd like to have faction-specific flavor. So for example, the pool of Khergit-specific quests will be different and unique than Swadian and so on. Of course, there should be the Generic Pool available to all factions.

    Just through the Quest system, the world of Calradia can be made vibrant. For example, I could totally see that shady guy being some spy or assassin for a rival lord or faction and who gives you a quest, task, or another.
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    Anyone else feel like Attila the Hun when playing Khergits?

    Ivan Khan said:
    The secret to playing Khergits is to do what Huns did (getting back to the topic) and use hit-n-run tactics.

    Personally I like to play heavily armoured horse archer and just charge headlong into the enemy. I can normally drop 3-4 before I hit their line and then get 1-2 more as just before contact I switch to my melee arm. My favorite outfit is Masterwork Nomad bow (still looking for a MW Strong or War Bow), Khergits arrows, Balanced Elite Scimitar, Reinforced Husculars shield, with the best armour I can find. Oh, and Champion Steep Charger for a mount (you really need the speed and maneuverability).

    And, nothing, nothing, is better than dropping some enemy lord, or elite cavalry with a Parthian shot to the head when he is stupid enough to chase you.  :twisted:
    Spot on. Wholeheartedly agree with Ivan Khan on these points. The fun with Khergits is the challenge and trying to emulate the "feigned retreat" tactic, even with the shoddy AI and limited commands.

    Exactly how I play with Khergits as well. Except I've grown to like the one-handed axe to go chopping up on shields. M&B has sooo many shields on enemies, especially the annoying Rhodoks (in my view, their the worst match-up against Khergits). Nord Huscarls I'm not afraid of at all, since they can be kited indefinitely or ridden down. In WF&S, it's actually even better to be an archer - no shields and little armor on enemy forces. But that's a tad off topic.

    Also, Argeus the Paladin, JosieJ, and Temucin all present valid strats on how to best utilize Khergit troop types. Good catch there Argeus on the wrench in that setup - this Temujin wouldn't start off as a master archer, but I think for such a character, Charisma is much more important to have as large an army as possible. Also Trainer to train them up fast, abusing the relatively quick progression to Lancers and VHAs.

    What's your Khergit army compositions like? For me, 20% lancers, rest VHAs, HAs and recruits on the way to HAs or to replenish lancer ranks. With lancer majority armies, they actually take much more casualties by blindly charging in. Also, VHAs are much better for both sieging, on offense and defense, especially defense.

    Against Nords and Swadians who don't have many archers, I usually form a line of HAs and let them fire off from standing position, even on horseback, but stationary. I find that their accuracy improves substantially this way and much more enemies die off to arrow fire. I advance 10 paces forward or backward as I see fit. When the enemy is close enough, I order the lancers to crash headlong or from the sides. I mostly maneuver with the HAs, trying to hone the "hit-and-run" tactic.

    Against Rhodoks and Vaegirs (who actually have pretty strong bowmen), it is best to engage in melee faster, to keep their archers occupied.

    Against heavy enemy cavalry (Swadians, Sarranids), I just don't charge at all and instead bait them around until they're dispersed enough, from there the AI actually does a good enough job of kiting. It's just that crucial decision whether to bait that initial charge or not.
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    what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    YAY! I'm very glad to have answered your query and to hear that it worked.

    You can increase the recruitment slot to 5 Nogai per recruitment cycle. Just keep upgrading the commanders and all buildings. I don't think it can go higher than 5, but I'm not sure about that point.

    Aaah I see now why their the "Cav killers" it's all because of their high stats skills and that long-reach sabre of 100. Hmm interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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    massive slowdowns

    Vsync off helped some, but did not deflect the eventual slowdown by the 2nd or 3rd wave.

    Here's a snapshot of what happens:

    My GPU temps climb to 90+ degrees Celsius and my GPU usage climbs to nearly 100%. However, the slowdown is associated with when the GPU by itself dips down to 40% utilization and less. I guess this is just pure overheating maybe. I'll look into undervolting perhaps. However, I think it's something else.

    What is strange, this only happens with F&S and not with Warband. Meaning that I can have the same large, prolonged battle in Warband and it wouldn't do this. Also, I can run Warband stably with all high settings (100 battle size) etc. So, it's gotta be something else.

    EDIT: Just ran a similarly large Warband battle.
    GPU temps 84-90, but never near 100 degrees Celsisus like with F&S.
    GPU utilization made sense, spiking up to 60 percent and higher for the battles, than dropping down regularly, not always staying high like for F&S.
    Yep, now I'm rather baffled about this.
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    what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    Glad to help out, Ironfall! :grin:

    Good luck on that siege! Let me know whether it works out for ya.

    I don't think the Nogai recruitment place is random (varying by game). I think it's always Izum fortress. I'll check that on a new game, just in case, for ya.
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    massive slowdowns

    Allrighty, what helped a lot was decreasing the shader model to low and shadows to low.

    Testing a large battle, my troop of 338 veterans against the faction's 1045.

    Wave 1: Great performance, in battle, lowest was 28fps, mostly 42+fps. Great!
    Wave 2: Same good performance. Starts off at 33fps.
    Wave 3: SLOW-DOWN. Starts off at 23 fps, dips to 15+fps and stays there, no higher than 24fps. Only if I look away from battle, then its 33fps, but still not even 45, 60fps that was before.

    Checked my GPU usage. It was only at 30%. Shouldn't the GPU be more utilized in the thick of battle? Seems to me like a GPU or memory underutilization issue.

    Next up, will try Vsync off, doubt it will resolve the decreasing performance slowdown.
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    massive slowdowns

    With it off, I hit 15fps constant lol ... So I guess, with it on, it helps my rig. Very odd that it's the opposite for ya lol

    Also, I have Vsync on ... should I get rid of it, since Max Frame Rate is already set anyways? Seems to be redundant, mebbe
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    massive slowdowns

    What do you mean by "fiddle"? I have it checked, ticked on. Should I uncheck it and then check it back, to make sure it works?
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    Crimean Khanate Unit and Nation Guide (Now with Pictures!)

    @Ceriy: Recruitment Specifics (Clarifications and Corrections)
    Circassians – Cherkassk, Azaq-kale. I think both of these towns can recruit Circassians. Mebbe even the small Kyzyl-yar fortress (I’ll check again next recruitment cycle).
    Nogai - IZUM fortress only ... NOT -IZMAIL- fortress. Just pointing that out. Many people were confused on this point. One easy giveaway is that IZUM fortress has a village of Nugai, right close by :wink:
    Note: Also, Izum fortress makes more sense than Izmail fortress for Nogai recruitment because most of the vassal Nogai Horde was to the east of the Crimean Khanate.

    @Cerlin: You're right, Mirza Chambuls have better bow skills. I have moved away from my expensive Tatar merc army to the Crimean faction-only army.

    I basically have two armies now:
    1. All cavalry composition: 60% Nokhor, 40% Mirza Chambul/Nogai, just like you described
    2. Balanced composition: 25% Janissary, 50% Seymen, 25% Nokhors/Circassians.
    @Defender: Right on, bro! You nailed the most heavy-hitting and best troops that the Crimean Khanate has got to offer. Still, I wonder how you can mass Janissaries? In my game, I can mass Seymens much easier than Janissaries.

    For my town garrisons, I have mostly Bajraks, not many Kapikulu.  However, I found this strategy that finds use for the Kapikulu from the wiki. Does this actually work?
    "Crimean tactics against wagon forts consists of forming a wall of flesh with its cavalry and then having their Kapikulu archers shoot over the heads of their cavalry onto the enemy while advancing, breaking into charge when the Kapikulu are close enough to overcome the bow's ranged weakness to the musket"
    Source: http://mountandblade.wikia.com/wiki/Mount%26Blade:_With_Fire_%26_Sword

    @Roach: I find that bows are even more deadlier in WF&S than in Warband, mainly because of the absence of armor and shields :wink: In F&S, tis a good day to be an archer

    @Irbis: Oh, you’re Crimean, brother? Niiice, my girlfriend is of the Nogai clan actually. I am Naiman by paternal line, and Argyn/Argun by maternal line ^_^
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    massive slowdowns

    Kleidophoros said:
    Try ragdolls and number of corpses if you don't need fancy death animations and corpses everywhere.

    Thanks Kleidophoros. Number of ragdolls and corpses was one of the first things I looked out for. Currently set at 20 ragdolls and 5 corpses, I think. That is lower than average.

    Mostly, my game is very stable, 60fps (capped with both VSync and Max Frame Rate settings) on travelling map, 45fps in towns/villages, 30+fps in battles. It's just at the initial clash, it dips into the 24fps zone, which I don't like. I'm mainly battling this sudden fps drop when the initial army clash strikes.

    In WF&S, I just ran into an odd fps drop. Several enemy units were routed and were trying to escape the battlefield but glitched - continuously trying to run out of boundary but the battle not ending lol. My fps dropped to a horrendous 15fps ... yeah, this sort of bug never happened in Warband, which seems much more stable than WF&S.
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    massive slowdowns

    Guys, I'm finding that turning off HDR is helping gain me about 5-10fps more, which is noticeable. My estimated performance went from 109% to 123% with HDR off, so the game is recognizing something there.

    So, I'd suggest turning off HDR. It's not such a big graphic improvement I don't think. Besides, for this type of game, I'd much rather have more troops out on the battlefield duking it out, than all of them looking spiffy.

    Any other settings which could be turned off without affecting graphics too much to improve performance?
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    what is the requirement for recruiting nogai?

    Nogai horesemen are very fief-dependent. Short answer: Nogai troop is only recruitable from one particular recruitment place.

    This place is: IZUM fortress, southeast part of the map, northeast of Perekop.  NOT -IZMAIL- fortress, that you currently own.
    One easy giveaway is that IZUM fortress has a village of NUGAI, right close by :wink:
    Note: Also, Izum fortress makes more sense than Izmail fortress for Nogai recruitment because most of the vassal Nogai Horde was to the east of the Crimean Khanate.

    In my game, I only have 25-30 Nogai ... they are not easily mass recruited. I'd love to find a way how to do so, though. As you said, their stats are what makes them superior, despite their unarmored, frilly look, which is quite misleading. I'd luv to recruit them. In my game, another lord owns Izum Fortress, and he's taking his sweet time upgrading everything there, so this is my rate-limiting step in getting more Nogai (only a max of 5 per recruitment cycle). Is there any way to further increase this number? 5 seems low, 10 would have been better. It would have been better/easier if I had owned it. Any way to give away a fief I don't want and receive a fief I do want?

    Historically, the Nogai Horde pastured on the steppes northeast of Perekop, not northwest. Nogai Khan, his first name actually Isa (Jesus), was a vassal to the Crimean Khan Islam Girey I. However, he wielded such power and influence, that he was effectively a khan-maker, or king-maker, behind the scenes. This is why it makes sense that Nogai is only true political rival/claimant against the Crimean Khanate faction leader. My girlfriend is of the Nogai clan. I'm from the Naiman clan by paternal line, Argyn/Argun clan by maternal line :grin:
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    Morgh's M&B WB/WFAS Editor v1.50

    Thanks for responding Morgh!

    Yeah, I figured adding in a new troop type, especially a specialty hero like a Lady or a Lord would require more scripting.

    However, changing the name/renaming an existing Lady or Lord seems to be working just fine. No glitches in romance so far. So if you're looking to just rename a Lord or Lady, this editor can do just that! Thanks Morgh!
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    Battle Stutter FIXED, but now ctd on saves-->edit:found temp fix

    SkyChef said:
    Updated: The problem comes back after playing more than 4 plus hours. I just have to take 4hrs truce then.

    Agreed. No matter how many different permutations of tweaks, I can't escape this reality. After a sufficiently long time of playing, about 3-4 hrs, the next battles become real choppy. Only restarting the game fixes it.

    However, it's not the GPU or CPU termperatures for me (80-84 degrees Celsius). It's something else. I think CPU limitation to handle all those AI scripts and pathfinding, I guess. M&B's pathfinding is shoddy to begin with, then add in more actors than it can handle, voila "Oh hai there single digi fps zone" This is the best theory I've come up with. Anybody got any better ideas? Memory leak? My applications are already LAA, so that's no fix

    What seemed to help the most was setting "Maximum Frame Rate" down to 60 or 30 from the previous 120. Also having a battle size of less than 100 helps. 150 I can still do but run the risk of single digit fps zone, the lower the battle size, the less chance of the CLASH of DOOM.
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