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    Resolved Herding with no horses

    Update: This was fixed by reloading my save. It looks like the game wasn't updating horse related values, because I was supposed to also have only 30 carry capacity and not 730. I guess there is a problem with inventory related stuff being calculated after escaping.
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    Resolved Herding with no horses

    Summary: I lost and paid money to escape. I dropped all of my horses (no animals either) but I'm still getting the herding penalty. Have you used cheats and if so which: No. I use the mod SiegeTowerFix. Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: GTX 1050 GPU Driver...
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    When will we get a proper recent messages thing?

    I realised I miss sooo many messages that appear at the top for a second. And the ones at the bottom don't get recorded like in Warband, you can only see very recent ones. Until we get this implemented can we at least have the temporary messages last longer?
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    How long do hideouts take to despawn? ...they despawn right?

    They are a player-only interaction so obviously they should be despawning over time since I won't be doing all of them, right? I have one each near a couple of my settlements but it would be too much travelling and a time waste for me to take care of bandits right now as a ruler. Honestly it's...
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    Picking up arrows should work as an AoE

    I think it would be quite nice when I pick up an arrow from the ground I get the arrows from a small area around it.
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    Tell them...

    I think it used to be ok before or something. I remember being surprised that archers can shoot out of the circle and the thin outer line defending fine. Maybe with the AI update this nonsense is now obsolete. When I die and my troops do this they suffer badly.
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    Long Playthrough Mule/Sumpter Horse Populations

    Irrelevant but you seem to be keeping expensive items and stuff and this might help: You can click the black circles next to the item's price to lock them, so you can use the trade all buttons without trading those.
    I also appreciate the post and I think the issue should be adressed.
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    Forcing a faction to make peace in the main quest should give tribute.

    Why can't you ignore it now?
    Yeah why can't you ignore it? I've ignored it and made a noob kingdom (as soon as rank 4 with 1 fief and not extra parties, full noob style) and nothing weirs or bad has happened yet.
    After the conspiracy bar thing fills 3 factions make war on you at once and you're not allowed to make peace until you beat them super hard. Before 1.6.3 there was a bug that let you make peace normally so it didn't really matter.
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    Forcing a faction to make peace in the main quest should give tribute.

    And a big fat tribute too. You have to make them seriously small before you finally get to be able to stop. In my game I was thankfully not fighting three factions at once because I started that part of the main quest before the patch that fixed making peace, and even this way I'm bummed that...
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    Lords should only recruit from their own faction

    I don't think so. What changes for a village when they are owned by one faction or another? They raise people to fight and get paid by whoever takes them, they won't care much about who besides culture. I think it's good the way it is now, you (and lords) get way less recruits from enemies, often none at all. I would even say lords sometimes should be able to force notables to give recruits like the player to add some spice to the game.
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    Main quest "fix" with new update is going to ruin my game

    Use your companions.
    Make them godlike Clan Leaders and give them the best equipment and they will conquer Calradia in under a year for you.
    I'm not interested in easy ways to beat the game or anything like that. This is a problem that significantly harms my playthrough and I want it to be solved.
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    Main quest "fix" with new update is going to ruin my game

    "Fixed a bug that allowed for peace decisions to be proposed to enemy kingdoms in the main storyline." The propose peace option is greyed out now for the factions related to the main quest wars. I was relieved the main quest doesn't affect my game that much (which is why I kept playing instead...
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