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    Sneak Peeks

    Small update:


    More interesting stuff will come soon  :smile:
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    Mount & Blade 2 announced!

    Feragorn said:
    The engine is dying trying to do all of that. I'd rather not.

    Second video doesnt show how it runs with active players and bots.
    That's not true, it runs surprisingly well, the performance impact is fully acceptable on modern GPUs (tested on GF8600GT).
    Besides it's only a visual effect, you can turn it off without any consequences on gameplay. Really I don't see any reason why it should not be implemented in M&B2, it's easy to do and fun to experience.
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    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    A short footage of some animations we are preparing for the mod:
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    [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v3.2.0 (21/07/2013)

    cmpxchg8b said:
    You should test them before, though. I really didn't know how. :grin:
    Works like a dream. At least set_float.
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    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    Hofiko said:
    Errr... Daedalus, you can just add few Asian faces for men, and replace Tatars with women :smile:
    Tatars heads have custom geometry and manipulators which is essential. Putting an Asian face texture on standard native head just won't look good.
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    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    dia151 said:
    yea, its like a whole new level of awsomeness  :wink:

    if only you could implement atleast a tiny bit of rpg elements maybe atleast simple level uping and incrising wpf points, buying armours and developing other skills desnt even have to exist incrising wpp would be fine

    Never! We all hate crpg mod.
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    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    trueten said:
    Are there any hot-keys for the circular menu?

    The first level options can be accessed only by menu (which is faster and more elegant then hot keys). Other options will have hotkeys from what I know.
    MMB is for accessing the menu.

    By the way, weather is still missing in that video.
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    [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    Hinkel84 said:
    Is this the same mod, as for the new M&B expansion?
    Cause its the same name.
    It has already been discussed in this thread. No, it is not the the official expansion. The expansion is developed by ukrainian Sich Studios and russian Snowball Studios. This mod is made by players for players and is 100% free. It was developed since august 2006 using M&B beta v0.751.
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    Module System Requests

    I desperately need a flag for scene props that will disable autosynchronization of its animation with server. Imagine animating like 50 of them in the same way with a new keyframe every second. Normally the engine will send 8 four-bytes numbers ( I guess) to each client which is around additional 1.5kB/s per player (which need to be received in one game frame for precise animation). But we can synchronize only one scene prop and the client can animate the rest of them by knowing the animation data of the first one. That will be just 32 bytes per player - huge optimization. It will also prevent from situations where a part of scene props have different animation timings due to server delay.
    By the way, I'm not so sure about that but in previous versions disabling 'sokf_moveable' flag done exactly same thing I described above but for some reasons it doesn't work anymore.
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    Module System Requests

    agent_set_speed_factor - obviously
    position_is_on_ai_mesh or at least agent_is_on_ai_mesh
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    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    AoC said:
    Missed it :oops:, still searching by value show incorrect data (some players are missed like Raepsf, some have incorrect value like ZlicedBacon).
    Fixed. It was just a temporary problem that last for only few minutes. It was linked with uploading new data to server and due to my poor internet connection some files were omitted.
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    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    AoC said:
    I think that it's ****ed up somehow. Just to show:

    Darsson 1.1 5.00 5 0
    Carlotto 0.1 5.00 5 0
    nK_Gravish 2.0 21.50 43 2
    ZlicedBacon 61.1 9.67 58 6
    Baron_Wolfgang_von_Stadler 48.6 8.25 33 4

    Value don't work at all[should be(KR^1.2*Frags)/10]
    Two posts above: get a MUCH higher score for killing a good player than a poor one.
    The formula you wrote is not valid anymore. Now the score depends on who you kill.

    MadocComadrin, I don't think that admins will allow me to modify data on their servers. Moreover I'm not able to detect teamkills. It would be also quite controversial to ban players in so arbitrary way.
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    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    I could defeat a fantastic player at minute-long single combat, while anyone swinging a great long axe would get the same out of it by killing a random player while spamming LMB.
    That's not true actually, you get a MUCH higher score for killing a good player than a poor one. However in long term statistics it influences the ranking very slightly because players are quite fair in fact. You can see a big difference only in daily stats where someone with just a few kills occupies the first place.
    The rest of the problems you listed are true.
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    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    Styo said:
    A Spear is not a lance?  :???:
    Weapon recognition depends on the icon showed by game in messages. Lance is lance however most kills from horseback is made using some kind of spear and the game show spear icon instead of horseback kill. I hope it will get fixed in the next patch.

    By the way: _nK_Battle_Stats_Server is added to the list.
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    Server Statistics and World Ranking - In development

    CrimsonShroud said:
    Some other stats I would find interesting are the number of team kills a player both causes and is a victim of.  And, I'm not sure if it's possible, but total damage done and received would be interesting too.  Just some thoughts.
    Unfortunately all of this is not included in logs. The only way I can add new factors is a support from game developers.
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