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    Warhammer Discussion

    *rolls D6 on the Apothecary and gets a 6*


    I got back into playing Warhammer 40k through Kill Teams, and because of the quarantine I was able to do some painting.


    Anybody else still play?
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Welcome back. ^.^

    Hey Kobrag. Long time no see.
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Back in my day.... *grumble grumble*
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Why in the **** am I just a count? GMK ****ing where.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    It's based on a Light Novel series. It tends to be 3~4 episodes will cover one volume of the light novel (except Haruhi). Something something the writing isn't very good in the series either. It's freakin' long (22 main series volumes and now 8 volumes in the "New Testament" series) which is probably why there's no closure.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Bound Sentinel said:
    this show can achieve nothing better than a score of 7/10 and is aimed at the lonely antisocial audience of Japan (or of the whole world).

    Excuse me? DanMachi has already achieved an 11/10 rating just for this website.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Cookie Eating Huskarl said:
    Tuckles said:
    Been enjoying Arslan Senki so far. One of the few prime-time slot anime I've enjoyed in recent memory tbh.
    That's because that's a remake. Arslan Senki is an old successful anime that someone got that girl who drew FMA to reboot.

    Oh? I thought it was a small OVA series. I know the manga's been around for a while (1980's?). Thanks for telling me about FMA though, now I realize why I found the art so familiar.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Ebina best grill

    Been enjoying Arslan Senki so far. One of the few prime-time slot anime I've enjoyed in recent memory tbh.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    The VNs aren't bad. If you don't want 18+ look for the Realta Nua version of FSN.

    Kazzan said:
    HorribleSubs for pretty much everything. I get them off that cat site.
    Except Oregairu, commie subs ftw!

    FF**** you, FFFtw.


    I guess I'll have to HS Arslan then. Thanks!
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Denpa Kyoushi's manga is currently stuck in the most boring arc in the history of crappy shonen manga.

    OreGairu is best Gairu, 8man best grill, etc.

    Who's your subber for Arslan? Was interested in that.

    Currently about to rewatch HSDxD before starting BoinG BorN.

    DanMachi = Das ist gut.

    I'd only watch Souma for Niku.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    New anime season! :grin:
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    The Taleworlds Travel Advisory


    I'd try to go Spring as much as possible. Winter basically just ended AFAIK (it was still winter season in the Biwako Valley ski resort) and it's already getting warm in Osaka. + Late spring means cherry blossoms which are purrty.

    Some sights (mostly tourist-y) you should try to hit:


    Kinkaku-Ji - Purrty, north Kyoto.

    Kiyomizu Dera - Purrty, main hall under renovation until 2016, east Kyoto. The road towards the temple and along the Gion District are nice to walk along, with a bunch of small shops, restaurants, etc. in old-timey cobblestone style. Very touristy, still fun though. Mochi here is pretty good. Also there are nice (if expensive) places to buy legitimate tea sets and good quality chopsticks.

    Sanjusangen Do - Lots of cool statues of buddhist gods.

    Kyoto-gosho - Could get some good scenic spots in the spring time.

    All the above are typically covered in day and half-day tours. They're reachable using the Kyoto metro too, but Kinkaku-ji's a bit farther than most other spots, especially if you book a place near Kyoto Station.

    My suggestion for tours: Sunrise Tours was reasonable (check Viator), they meet at the New Miyako Hotel close to the southern part of Kyoto Station.

    If you do take a tour, I'd suggest going back to Gion and Kiyomizu (even if you don't go up), cause there's a lot to see in those walkways, including more residential zones which don't really cater to tourists. Also if you manage to hook up, there's a love hotel district close to what I believe to be Nishiraiin temple.

    Other than that, there's Kyoto Tower just outside the station (north of Kyoto station), the manga museum which I've never been to, and what looks to be a highly recommended ramen shop west of Kyoto station. Also the malls in and near Kyoto station are nice for light shopping and souvenir buying.

    Never tried it but you can try visiting Kyoto Animation's studio as well.

    Outside Kyoto

    Nara, obviously. There are day trips to Nara, but you can get it done yourself just by taking the Kintetsu-Nara line. The park is an obvious place to go. Don't forget to bow to the deer, and try not to get raped (no seriously, they bit me in the behind. :c)

    Lotsa pretty pictures in Nara, but that's about it IIRC. Shopping near the station as usual.

    Yamazaki. Not many people go here I reckon. Known pretty much solely for the Yamazaki Distillery. Being Scottish and a drinker, it'd be a disservice for you not to go. Tours are free and you get 2 glasses of Whisky Highballs (and an extra two neat if you prefer), but in English they're only audio guide tours. You follow a tour guide who speaks only Japanese, so if your moon's good enough, I'd suggest taking that tour. You have to reserve in advance by phone only, but it takes about 15 minutes to get their by rail from Kyoto (or 25 from Osaka) and it's a beautiful little town. Pics to follow if I don't get lazy.

    Shiga Prefecture and Lake Biwa. Honestly can't tell you much about this, but we went north to Biwako Valley ski resort and it was rather fun if you're into that. If you go spring time it should be open for some good views and stuff. If you have the time, it's worth exploring at the very least.


    This place is like the new Hong Kong for us Filipinos. Cheap ass shopping in the form of Rinku Premium Outlets, but that's not what you came for.

    Osaka Castle's okay. Nice view of the city, some Tokugawa vs Hideyoshi history. TBH it's rather missable.

    Universal Studio Osaka has some Japan-only 4D rides if you're interested. Evangelion, Shingeki no Kyojin, MonHunt, Biohazard/Resident Evil.

    The real meat of Osaka though (IMO) is the food. Head down to Dotonbori for a lot of shopping and some good takoyaki (the shop's name is Kukuru, there's constantly a line of both tourist and local). It's nice to walk around the area and just take in the sights. A lot of ****ing people though. Aside from that, for Okonomiyaki, I recommend the wrong side of the tracks near Nishinakajimaminamigata Station. Lots of watering holes there that serve the stuff. Have it with mochi. Good ****.

    For more anime-y and weeby ****, hit up Yodobashi Camera near Umeda station. First floor is phone and PC stuff. 2nd floor for videogames and camera stuff (the PSVita has a hell of a lot of Visual Novels). 3rd floor for figurines. There's a Jump Shop on the 5th floor if you like their stuff.

    If you're interested, I can do something about Tokyo as well.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    Feragorn said:
    I watched the first couple episodes of Nichijou.

    What the **** am i watching. Who ****ing wrote this show.

    Selamat Pagi!

    Just came from Universal Studios Osaka (n.b. why I don't know **** about the current BOP game), they had a special "Japanese stuff" section with 4D rides for MonHunt, Kyojin, Resident Evil, and Evangelion. There was a huge ass Titan fighting Titan-girl statue in that area, as well as a dragon (and guild shop!) from MonHunt.

    Unfortunately I was with family and thus was unable to ride them. Also there were too many people, maybe every single schoolkid in the greater Kansai area and then some. I think it's their spring break or something?
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    Warhammer Discussion

    Possible new army in the tabletop. Non-FW AdMech Skitarii. Looks interesting.









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