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    Where do you ask to have your account Deleted?

    I find moderation hard. I either don't get on or I obsess.
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    Open world or Sandbox FPS ?

    It's open just not interactive (borderlands.)
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    Labour candidate Stuart MacLennan sacked over Twitter rants

    Elenmmare said:
    Eh, can't believe I missed that.

    Hardly asterix-worthy.

    Clearly a French conspiracy
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    Valve losing to Zynga (Farmville) in a 'Greatest Developer' contest!

    I hate facebook app games mostly because they're not games, they're just reward machines. There's not sense of accomplishment because there's never any difficulty.
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    I recently started drinking tea. Luckily my family is into it so we have like 20 different varieties and all loose leaf. Now why didn't someone tell me about this tea thing beforehand?
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    Yay new record for people on at once!

    Yeah that would be great but we'll see.
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    People's custom titles

    I think I'm going to take this time to once again lament the fact that I don't have one nor will I ever get one.
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    You know you have played too much Fallout Three when...

    When you're actually defending the game in rabid fanboy debates and/or creating these threads
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    SteamPunk Online ; OMG SCREENSHOTS OMG OMG

    Am I ever getting comments on the flags I've done? Do you want me to do more are you using the ones I've posted, do you have suggestions? I mean what?
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    SteamPunk Online ; OMG SCREENSHOTS OMG OMG

    Still not entirely happy with the colours. For the second native nation.

    Also I'm giving you large sizes in case you need them but I also tried to make sure the design was geometric and could easily be reduced.

    Rationale for Design:

    Blue on the right stands for the water, I added the triangle because it seemed sort of different and deceitful, and finally the whole yellow circle red background is more of an Asian-ish symbol and you mention they have some Asian roots.
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    Screenshot Mega Thread

    Sir Prince said:
    QuailLover said:
    Does the police station explode if you shoot a crossbow at it?
    Best. Bug. Ever.
    Quoting someone maybe?

    Redcoat - Mic said:
    The patches pretty much fixed most of the major ones though, best bugfix ever has to be "shooting the police station with a crossbow no longer causes it to explode."
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    SteamPunk Online ; OMG SCREENSHOTS OMG OMG

    I just took the French flag and put the stripes as a diagonal and then threw in some fleur-de-lis and a cross of burgundy to highlight to religious/monarchic part of your France. Also tried to stay in simple geometric shapes that could be reduced in size but still be recognizable. I'll try a few others in a bit.
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    SteamPunk Online ; OMG SCREENSHOTS OMG OMG

    **** you too.
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    What are you listening to right now? Mark IV.

    Scatterbrain - Radiohead
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