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    Hey, I'm glad you liked the mod, I will probably do a complete remake some time in the near future

    Hey, I'm glad you liked the mod, I will probably do a complete remake some time in the near future
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    Character Progression - Does it suck?

    Bannerlord The benefit of levelling up is that you gain attribute and focus points which help you level your skills faster and further, though the more you level up, the more experience you then need to level up, so levelling becomes slower. Feels slightly counter-intuitive. In my opinion it's...
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    Resolved [1.6.0] Village Needs Grain Seeds - No Relation Reward

    After looking at the Similar Threads section - I realized this bug has already been reported, apologies.
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    Resolved [1.6.0] Village Needs Grain Seeds - No Relation Reward

    Summary:Upon completing the "<X Village> needs grain seeds" Issue, you receive no reward at all, you don't even gain any relation with any notables or Lords. I tried this multiple times with different villages. The description of the quest upon completion states: "The Headsmen of the Village...
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    Why Die For Danzig? Bannerlord Edition

    If I had to guess, I would probably say there's a few reasons people may defend the game in it's current state.
    1. Some people just like the game
      • It may be hard to believe, but some people are just happy with game. I think it's fair to assume that the majority of people who fall into this category are generally new to the M&B series.
    2. Sunk Cost Fallacy
      • A lot of people have literally spent close to a decade waiting for Bannerlord - that's a lot of time to invest, and oh boy it can be hard to admit to yourself that you may have wasted that much time waiting for something that might never meet your expectations.
    3. Hope
      • People are hopeful that the game will get better, I think we all fall into this category to some degree - we all want Bannerlord to be the best game it can be.
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    e1.6.0-e1.8.0 Modding Adjustments & Access Modifiers Changes

    I'm very pleased to see these changes, let's hope this continues going forward
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    POLL: Would you be OK with TW intentionally restricting modders?

    The question is: if TaleWorlds were intentionally restricting modders, would you be OK with that?

    Unfortunately, they are intentionally restricting modders, because they're intentionally using the internal modifier - maybe not for the sole reason to prevent modding, but it's a consequence none-the-less and they're fully aware and fine with it.

    They don't have to use the internal modifier, more suitable modifiers exist, such as private.

    Even IF they really want to keep using the modifier for "ensuring good coding practices" (lol) - they could easily replace these modifiers before releasing the public builds, but they could still work with the original code.
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    TaleWorlds, We Need a New Mexxico

    It's pretty concerning when a single developer gave more valuable and honest community engagement than the team whose sole responsibility is to engage with the community.

    Now, that's not me saying there hasn't been any good communication from anyone else, but there's a reason why mexxico's name comes up time and time again in threads like these.

    I'm sure he'll go on to do great things while a handful of others will continue their careers as journeymen doing the bare minimum to retain their position.
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    Change the Map

    Considering the fact that they're changing the way battle scenes are chosen by dissecting the map into a grid and having a different battle scene for each section, I kind of doubt they're going to make any significant changes to the map as they'll have to do that all over again :S
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    complaint to whoever's responsible for the bans in-game

    What? I'm not talking about the CoC, <snip>

    My point is that they don't administrate steam names, as they don't own steam. They chose to use steam names so they should live with it, or change it and let people use custom names as then you can actually have a say in it.

    Yeah! and they shouldn't be allowed to ban cheaters because they're using BattlEye (Which they don't own) to detect them in the first place!
    and yeah! They shouldn't be able to mute people because they don't own the keyboards they're using to type offensive stuff with!

    I know it's not enforced but It's also against steam rules to have an offensive name to begin with, if you go to any steam profile and click the report button, the second option is to report them for an offensive name. So even if your logic made any sense (which it doesn't), theoretically they're abiding by Steam's code of conduct.
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    The ladders worked, the towers worked, the AI worked, everything just worked

    The point of this discussion is to convince you to understand and tolerate other people's frustrations with the game. And to make you a better wife.


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    Change Clan Tier limit from 6 to infinite

    Sounds great, but hopefully we won't need a mod for it :smile:
    I'd honestly be surprised if they change/add additional Clan Tiers, don't hold your breath xD
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    Change Clan Tier limit from 6 to infinite

    When it came to the RPG elements and different character development metrics, in both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade:Warband there were never any visible restrictions: be it honor, 99 limit of which was hardly reachable any time after creating a character, 63 STR/AGI/INT/CHA which one would (in most cases) only ever get by using something like Cheat Engine or Art Money, and even reaching 460 points in a weapon was not a limit and getting over that limit always felt great.

    But in Bannerlord there are A LOT of limits which you can reach very early in the game (I would have argued for Attributes/Skills being one of them, but that's off-topic), some of which, after they've been maxed out, completely disappear from players perspective of "Things that develop my character". Be it not being able to be "The greatest lancer/trader/smith in Calradia - because, well, the limit is fairly easy to reach for both you and companions, revoking you of the title "One and only" when your companions get to that limit, too, or, more to the topic at hand, not being able to make the greatest Clan ever as one of your goals, just because in 100s of playthroughs you've reached Clan level 6 in the first 10 hours of those playthroughs, making you stuck at an arbitrary number of 9 companions, just to make it 10 with We Pledge our Swords perk (which makes it a no-brainer anyway, as if it never existed) and results with you having almost two times fewer companions then in previous games, where it had already felt not enough because they were arguing all the time, but you also had to make some of them focus on specific party skills before doing what you want with them in terms of equipment.

    In Bannerlord it's even worse, and let me explain:

    You have 10 slots.
    Preferably, one has to be a Quartermaster
    One a Surgeon.
    And one an Engineer.

    That leaves us with 7.
    of them you would want to lead caravans, but having less then 5 already makes the passive income hardly noticeable (I personally usually go all-in and am left with no party members in the end to make the perks in Trade stat count), which would leave you with from 0 to 7 people left in your party, depending on how many you would want to lead caravans.

    Assuming your party has every type of unit in battle
    One goes to lead Ranged troops
    One goes to lead Footmen
    One goes to lead Spearmen
    One goes to lead Melee Cavalry
    One goes to lead Ranged Cavalry
    and this is assuming you don't have distinctions like Lancers, Shock Cavalry/Footmen, Crossbowmen, Heavy/mid/light armor and many others which I loved having myself, including just having several different faction troops in one party (which some would argue is morally not efficient).

    Which leaves you with 2.
    2 people that you have to save
    for leading parties, so you can't really make them your personal guards, you can't put them into cities narrow allies as bandit leaders, nor can you make them cool overpowered units wearing the dientical with you armor and weapons that hack and slash together with you, or roleplay as Twelve Knights of Whatever, because the maximum number of companions is 10, and plus you - makes it 11. No City/Castle Lords, no companions to meme with.

    Please, consider making the Clan Tier infinitely levelable. Yes, the game may break like with having 10k deserters in older games when reaching high renown, but the sandbox aspect is what makes it fun.

    If you want to grind for having tons of companions - you should be able to. That - would be your choice.
    I'm currently working on a mod that increases the Max Clan Tier.


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    I heard battle size of Bannerlord is capped at 2048, but why?

    Also I'm not sure how Bannerlord AI is implemented. If what you desribed is truly the case, I wonder why. Like you can let the AI, at least pathfinding AI, be computed at troop/squad level as Total War games, during most battle time, at least for field battle.

    Yes, each troop in Bannerlord has it's own independent AI. Total War Games may look impressive, but there's a reason they don't let you actually fight, and that's because it's all visual simulation to make it look like a massive battle when infact there's not a whole lot actually happening behind the scenes. It looks great for sure, but you wouldn't actually be able to interact with those soldiers if you was down there with them.

    AI in Bannerlord need to be able to fight dynamically, having freedom of movement, selecting the closest target, accessing that targets blocking direction, choosing it's own, predicting it's movement to correctly throw javelins or fire projectiles at. None of this would work with the Total War Style of AI implementation and all of these calculations can add up to be very intensive with a large amount of troops.

    The reason they limit the troops is so the product they release is stable, if they increased the cap to 10,000, and advertised it as such, there would be a lot of backlash when people realise their machine can't handle it. There may also be some engine limitation in there, so they decided to cap it at what they thought was the highest acceptable value.

    TIP FOR PEOPLE MODDING THEIR MAX BATTLE SIZE: Also note, that Horses/Mounts count towards the Battle Size Limit, so if you try to spawn 2000 Cavalry, you're actually spawning 4000 AI in total, which will most likely crash your game!
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    How many Castles scenes we got ?

    This is one of the reasons why I question the priorities of the Environment Artists' in TW.
    It doesn't take too much brainpower to understand that castle/town scenes are way more important than having unique villages at this point since the mid/late game literally forces you to fight and fight and fight.
    It makes the situation even sadder when you see TW promised to have `unique` scene for each village + castle + town + ( now with 147 regions :lol: ) and after 1 year, you don't even have half of this promise.

    Yup, we're not even close to the goal. Maybe they'll surprise us soon, but I'm starting to doubt we'll ever get a unique scene for each location :sad:

    Well, maybe the scene level count as a diferent version of the castle? The takor castle in level 3 its diferent ( and nore fun with the double wall) as in level one

    Yeah I'm pretty sure you're right here, but as far as castle scenes that are unique to one location, it seems there's only 9 :sad:
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