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    Question on Game Modes

    so i joined a battle server expecting player v player i get commander battles is the mod essentially based solely on players and the bots they control? or are there actual legit battle servers for the mod?
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Trevty said:
    I've made about thirteen cents, so I suppose I'm winning.
    Nice, mirin'. Keep going at it, and try to get your rolls in every hour possible. It'll start coming.

    Scully said:
    Anyone either rich or scammed yet?
    Lol. I'm currently at .1 ('bout $87), waiting for Monday so they can be deposited.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Lerber said:
    The announcement by the US that they might regulate bit coins plunged the market. It recovered, but it shows how volatile that market is.
    Like they can do that, haha.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Mage246 said:
    That's investment as well.
    Fair enough, however, treating it as an investment doesn't make it not a currency. You're only buying them due to their imminent net increase in value to be used later (or in most of your cases to exchange for another currency).
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Ljas said:
    You treat it like stocks. Just like everyone else.
    By investing in BTC, I mean acquiring/buying them. You can't literally invest in them.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Bromden said:
    Where do the mined bitcoins come from?
    Are you referring to in general or this site in particular? If in general, see the video below. If for the site, well, they are either mined by the site managers (unlikely) or purchased from miners using the money from the site's advertisements (more referrals = more visitors = more money).

    MickDick said:
    Ok my interest is piqued.

    Not just because of this, but because I've been hearing quite a lot about bitcoin and such.  Mostly news about people not wiping their harddrive before throwing them away and losing like.. a 100million worth in bitcoins.  Strange stuff... storing money on your own computer?  Is this basically what bitcoins are?
    Bitcoins are not "stored" on a harddrive, they're stored through a private key (a wallet) on multiple servers around the internet and are exchanged through peer-to-peer, third-party sites via Bitcoin addresses. You can mine them yourself through the power of your graphics card, but that doesn't necessarily bring harm to you or your computer, nor does it force you to wipe your PC.

    Bromden said:
    I don't want to pretend I understood half of it, but is it something like sharing computing power on the net?
    And if it doesn't have any RL base (gold), and it is made out of nothing (well, bits), why can't I simply give myself quantichillion bitcoins?
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    K-64 said:
    So... it's increasing in value even though they're "printing" more bitcoins through that mining or whatever the **** you call it? Germany called, they want to know what they did wrong 100 years ago.
    You can't exactly inflate BTC.  :wink:

    Kevlar said:
    I actually set up my computer for mining litecoins the other week but didn't bother configuring it a lot so it wasn't really worth it. Btc is even worse to mine now.
    Not a whole lot of people are familiar with LTC yet, but it indeed has the potential to replace BTC. Growing fast, and easier to mine.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Mage246 said:
    I could very easily see this as being a method used by hackers to gain access to other Bitcoin wallets/your accounts by tracking the transfers somehow. Let a few minnows get some nibbles from the proceeds and only go after the big pockets. Given how poorly regulated (actually almost none at all) Bitcoin is, there's about a 0% chance of any law enforcement doing anything if you happen to get ripped off somehow.

    So, if you are going to involve yourself in this, set up brand new accounts for everything. Those accounts should ONLY handle your proceeds from this site. Assume that it's possible that any account you might have that is associated with this could get hacked and you will lose anything in it.
    100% true. Since most Bitcoin cash-ins are made privately (peer-to-peer) through third party websites, it's best you choose reliable traders, and, after making transactions, it's always a safe step to remake another wallet and transfer the BTC.

    Sorry for not realising Kevlar was trolling.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Kevlar said:
    Rebelknight said:
    hence why i wasn't sure if it was legal.
    Seem shady.

    You shouldn't use it RK, look up silkroad, only drug dealers and scumbags use btc.
    Once again, if you'll read above, the currency was often used in Silk Road purchases because it is unregulated. This doesn't make it illegal. Please read up to your current news, many more people use BTC other than "drug dealers and scumbags."  :roll:

    @Trevty: It's a "terrible idea" on the national scale because it's unreliable and unstable. However, according to several financial sources and even Ron Paul, the BTC is so powerful that should its rise increase exponentially, it could easily topple and destroy the dollar, and this is absolutely true. I just posted this thread because the site itself is a fun gadget to make free money off.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    LMFAO. To all of you claiming this is a gambling site and/or Bitcoin mining/staking/using is illegal, please read on (or if you'd like to know how they're used).

    By visiting the site and rolling, you are joining many others in a BTC pool. The people actually mining the Bitcoins are other people in the pool and possibly the site managers (who have the tools to mine Bitcoins thanks to the advertisements on their page). Bitcoin mining is 100% legal, and this isn't even considered mining.

    The Bitcoin (BTC) is an internationally recognized currency that has a strong stigma placed on it due to its historical use in purchasing products in the Silk Road. It's evolved from that state. In fact, many top investors advise purchasing/mining/rolling for Bitcoins due to their rapid increase in value. The BTC is a currency that cannot be regulated by any person or government, thus explaining its high demand.

    To cash in the Bitcoins earned, go to, set up a wallet, and use the address given to you by the site to register an account on Remember, no e-mail is necessary for registration, only a Bitcoin address (provided to you when signing up for a Coinbase wallet) and a password. As you make more and more BTC using that address, the coins will automatically be deposited in your Coinbase wallet every monday. But remember, there is a minimum to a BTC amount that can be deposited (I believe it's .1 and above, IIRC). You can then send your earned Bitcoins through Coinbase's "Send payment" method to other users' Bitcoin addresses, and in return, they will send you money in your preferred method (this varies depending on which people you're dealing with, I usually get paid via PayPal).

    Good luck to all of you.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Radalan said:
    This looks like something I might have in the spam address of my email.  :???:
    What's the catch? What do you have to give to get?
    Nope, registering with your e-mail is optional. All you need is a Bitcoin address and a password.

    There's really no catch to this. There is, however, an option to bet your earned BTC, and if you roll a 1-4,000 number, you make like .001 BTC or something like that. So you basically give them the BTC through betting. I'd advise against it and just stick to the standard roll. If you can somehow get a browser add-on to click on the roll button every time it reactivates (every hour), which is what I'm going to try to do, you can make some fairly good profit in a few weeks' time. My brother's been using it for 15 days and is at .9xx BTC, nearly 800 USD.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    Elisianthus said:
    Generally, if you're going to post a referal link, you should have the decency to come clean about it up front.
    Come clean? As if it's something to be ashamed of? Posting this because it's going to be of use to most of you, and the more people join and roll, the higher the pool stakes.
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    If you're looking for some free BTC (dead srs)

    ok guys, i may be on to something here, not sure if this has been posted somewhere or not. basically, a site that, with a quick registration and use of a Bitcoin address, allows you to "roll" for a certain amount of BTC (once an hour). A few friends of mine just introduced me to it, and i...
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    The Syrian Civil War. Do you support a side?

    Mage246 said:
    Are you retarded? None of those are the rockets used in the attack. Try again. Soviet-produced 140mm rockets would be a good start, not that you have a ******** clue what those look like.

    Or did you think "post evidence that the rebels carried out the rocket attack using sarin" meant "post random **** that has nothing to do with it"?
    glad i made u mad bruh

    you would be referring to the sarin attack, one of seven major chemical attacks in the entire war. gotta do ur research further than that. chlorine was widely used in the others, seems u only pay attention to the attack focused mostly on by mainstream media

    if people are going to blame assad on using sarin, yet ignore islamic militants in the FSA using chlorine, phosphorus, and other chit, then *** them

    <3 assad for butchering those 7th century monkeys LOL
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    The Syrian Civil War. Do you support a side?

    Mage246 said:
    I have seen pictures of the missiles used. The delivery system was quite sophisticated and maximized the possible payload. The quantity used overall was also very high. Nice try, though.
    nice try tho LOL
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