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    (MAP) Power of Desing Map Team (New Across the River)

    Holy crap this looks amazing. I hope NA uses this because it would give me a reason to log onto pw when its not as populated :grin: I must explore!
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    Someone has to make the initial push, then others will follow.
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    Server had a good plan, but wasn't at all executed well. The rules are horrid. No global. Admins insta ban without investigating (not saying this about all the admins). And that's when theres actual an admin on. Their 1 life per war rule is laughable. I rarely see it being followed. Everyone just comes back to loot and nrr when they die. If this is the way they plan on making NA become RP friendly again, id start digging the grave now.
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    Mount & Blade II : Another Persistent world mod?

    Best part of this post are the nubs pointing out the "bannerlord 2.0" thing. As if its even necessary ...
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    BANNERLORD - August 5th-9th Announcement?

    And then SUPRISE! EA producers walk out on to the stage and talk about purchasable faction dlcs xD.
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    (Hope ive posted this in the right place.) Internet Scammer/Server Owner

    Rek I hope you read this. Stay in EU don't infect our community any more kid. Have fun hiding coward.
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    NAHCRP Community is Dead

    "I was trying to be a mover and a shaker in the community who aimed to stop the trolling, but this naturally made me a target, like it always has."
    That sentence is extremely relatable. I share your pain brother QQ. Truth is NA is too far gone to be changed. Trolls are the majority and role play is almost non-existent. My way around it has always been to lead my clan mates and RP with each other. Though this always leads to being targeted as you said. Don't ya just love PW :grin:?
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    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    I don't see throwing weapons in this changelog O_O. Foreshame upon you good sir. Give my clan its much needed jav supply.
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    We have damaged PW with our scripts.

    Whether its realm's server or the lotr server that comes up without scripts it will be very difficult to get a stable pop. Sure you can convince some older players but lets be honest new players are going to go for the easier stuff which involves the scripts. Im not saying you wont get players, what im saying is you wont get enough for it to really be enjoyable. Unless PW with 15-20 people is fun to you :razz:. But im sure some will argue that low pop can be fun if everyone is role playing. Maybe it could work if your doing it for EU but even then goodluck.
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    :'D The memories I had leading Jerusalem on this map. I wish this would come up on a server I miss the north wall that actually served a purpose.
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    Found a game in development that is kinda like PW in a large scale

    Ty for the info my man. And splintert you cant take my rights! Im a rebel :razz:
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    Found a game in development that is kinda like PW in a large scale

    Your name must be scott, because you sure are a ****. :3 jk but seriously no need to shoot it down like that none of us know what will be changed or added in the future of the game. And let him post about a game its freedom of speech my man.
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    Found a game in development that is kinda like PW in a large scale

    A lot of these small scale indie games don't do so well, but this looks nice. Although I don't get why theres only gana be 2 kingdoms. D: But I do love the fact that you can build up your village/castle! Must get more info for the hype train :3
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    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Lol, do you think it'll all be stable by at least this Sunday? :razz: Or will it take much longer to make scripts?
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    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Goodluck, don't give up!!
    Edit: I have nothing to gain nor do I want anything from peasant. Besides a place to play with cool scripts and active admins. I didn't expect oasis admins to suck me up... lol nice assumption splintert. Still calling people kids on the internet huh? The keyboard warriors rule this land x3. Just take a chill pill and stop trying to start drama on a forum for a video game, peasant is gana keep doing this and you all know it cant be stopped. So just come to terms with it rather then insulting him every time he comes back. Or you can keep showing your asses that's fine too :razz:.
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