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    An open letter to the competitive community

    But that is the most open map on skirmish so it does make sense not to have infs on some factions. On the rest of the maps the setups didn't seem crazy as most people seem to be scared of. With a decent patch that makes spears effective and nerf cavs (possibly a cooldown on couches and more...
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    An open letter to the competitive community

    It is pretty clear they are now putting some effort in making the game better and communicating with us more. Supporting rather than demonizing them seems the better option pal. But maybe you could boycot the forum, i'm sure that way you would be helping the cause✋
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    [SGM] Simia Gentem

    Looks very promising, can't wait to see you in action! Good luck and long live the only true king Rangah the bald👩‍🦲🍀
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    [BEAST#3] Suggestions

    Completely agree with aero on this. Players need to carefully choose which team to join, you can't ask captains and admins to babysit players in order to make them stay. Besides, that rule winks at the creation of lasting clans rather than mercenary squads which change every tournament.
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    The thing is most of the times i still can't catch archers as an infantry, they run away quicker so you either commit to prolonged jogging or leave them be.
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    When chain attacking in 2h mode,the bastard axe is ridicolously quick. Now this might have been fine BUT if you compare it to other weapons like bastard swords the difference is evident. I mean i can't say i've ever swung a sword but shouldn't it be quicker than an axe? On the other hand when...
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    Clans should be banned on Captain Mode

    You know what they say.. If you can't beat them, join them
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    archers should not have direct access to twohanded weapons.

    Maybe you should ask yourself why... I don't think anyone enjoys playing a public skirmish game against 6 glaive cavs, nor against 6 fianns. The game shouldn't be who is better at abusing some dumb mechanic or weapon😵
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    [BEAST#3] Suggestions

    I honestly would consider to start counting rounds for matches rather than sets since there are so many draws due to very unbalanced faction matchup.
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    archers should not have direct access to twohanded weapons.

    I don't think i'm getting your point honestly firu, if you don't push him he shoots and deals top damage, if you push him in melee and he is competent he can easily kill you. The only way to take him out is usually focusing him with multiple people as for the voulgier. On skirmish there's...
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    archers should not have direct access to twohanded weapons.

    Yeah sure, they have one of the highest damage when shooting and also when figthing in melee... If that's their role then what's the point in playing any other class lmao, it's completely superior to most if not all other classes in the game.
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    Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    The moment they knockdown teammates is the moment public playing becomes even more frustrating. If you're playing in a competitive environment and with your friends is something that can be managed, but imagine playing tdm or normal skirmish where you can't communicate with your team and where...
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    Another patch with barely anything regarding multiplayer.

    New Weapon: Battanian Throwing Axe Similar to other throwing axes New Weapon: Aserai Throwing Axe Deals more damage, Stack count 2 Jareed Stack count increased from 2 to 3 Javelin Stack count increased from 3 to 4 Extra Javelin Stack size increased from 6 to 8 Northern Fish Harpoon...