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  1. Clan and Battle Improvements

    Do you mean we need to personally go up to our companions to give them orders, we can't send messages...? Ugh, I hope they fix that soon.
    No, I mean we cant give orders at all right now, we should be able to order them in the clan party menu
  2. Commands Overview

    Either I just don't understand what you mean or I missed an important feature in over 200 hours of Banenrlord multiplayer. You got a video or something about that?
    I dont know whats hard to understand, you select the unit, Click and drag to change how many soldiers are in each row
  3. Commands Overview

    Yes.. In MP, you can press 1, Then Click and Drag the unit formation to change the width of the unit
  4. Clan and Battle Improvements

    Obviously before the Devs would even Consider this, They need to fix the Crashing and the FPS for those with Weaker CPUs, and they MOST CERTAINLY need to fix the Memory Leaks When we make a Clan and put a Companion incharge of a new party, we should get the option to Give him orders through...
  5. Commands Overview

    You forgot the click and drag unit width feature
  6. Soldier Banners?

    How do I give my soldiers bannners
  7. *spoiler alert* for the *lack* of kingdom creation

    To save yourself some time. Yes you can create a kingdom, No features for it are properly implemented.
  8. [Guide] Optimising single-player performance - Stuttering? Got 8gb RAM? This might help

    I may also recommend ISLC, its helped a bit with the Memory Leak Issue.
  9. [Suggestion] Clan and Battle Improvements

    I think what you said is spot on. It would be very cool to see more depth when it comes to companions. I don’t know how everyone else feels about companions but in my opinion they are super weak right now and don’t really serve any purpose other than to go on semi-functioning missions or to go into battle yet die every single time even if they are at 100%. Not hating because I know this is in EA but it would be very cool to see better companion interactions. Maybe we could give them horses, armor, etc.
    You can give them Horses and Armor, when theyre in your party, go to Inventory and Click the Arrows On your Character's name to change which Companion you want to edit
  10. Constant Crashing on my current save

    Yep same here, except I cant even get into the save, crashes when I click Resume Game, deleted the saves and it was fine, lost progress though
  11. [Suggestion] Clan and Battle Improvements

    When we make a Clan and put a Companion incharge of a new party, we should get the option to Give him orders through the Clan Party Menu, (with messengers or something) I should be able to tell him to Scout, Recruit, Defend, Attack, Encamp and Foritfy, the like..And when kingdom creation comes...
  12. March is here bois, how's your hype?

    Im excited.. But terrified of this Pandemic, I'll be using this game to escape reality. People are dying, it's sad. History changes with each death, and it couldve been any one of us, or any one of our family members, its crazy
  13. Modding Inspiration Thread (Brainstorm with me)

    Wait for it... Warband Mod

    AND.... 1257 Crusades with Saladin, Templars, Hospitallers, France, etc

    If there's going to be a Rome mod... please set it in the Era of Julius Caesar fighting the Gaelic Tribes, then a Civil War breaking out, where you could serve Caesar at the start of the Campaign, to the end of his life, potentially becoming Dictator for life in his place and killing the traitors and ending the civil war... PLEASE
  14. We're getting more than the commands we have in the beta, Right?

    I apologise then. I was told by a friend, who was told by a friend etc. who knows how it was first found out, perhaps the alpha testers were made aware of it by devs.

    In any case it's very useful for making your shock infantry "blob" together so that they attack the same point. Or, because units in square formation are very passive for some reason, I make them into a square myself but they still retain the aggresiveness of line formation which helps in killing cavalry.
    You can also just click to move the selected unit instead of F1 F1, if in a hurry
  15. We're getting more than the commands we have in the beta, Right?

    I'm gonna hard pass on the sarcasm, just saying there is no need for width and depth controls with something as quick and easy as what we currently have.
    There was no sarcasm intended there, I had no idea you could do that, howd you find out?

    Last I knew, it was going to be on the Gui, from what I saw on the videos
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