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  1. Tears o'rum & Laughter o'grapeshot

    The current game is a vast improvement over release. Yes the absurd 2D map is replaced by a more M&B style one. Anybody who likes pirates, M&B or sandbox games should check it out. 174 days into a campaign with a lvl15 character without any faction affiliation (just using letters of marque) and...
  2. Free Napoleonic-era College Course.

    "The Longest Afternoon" by Brendan Simms is pretty fun. It focuses on the King's German Legion and La Haye Sainte during Waterloo, all soldiers' accounts of the battle.
  3. Suggestions and ideas

    The game currently seems to be an uncomfortable hybrid of Pirates and Mount & Blade. The Pirates part is rudimentary though OK but the Mount & Blade part is sorely lacking. That campaign map? Shiver me bloody timbers! The naval combat? Blow it out yer bilge! I hope the developers seriously rethink these fundamental elements or this one will not sail very far.
  4. I can't use Artillery

    Well sometimes my artillerists do try to gain altitude by climbing on top of their cannons and if they would also do a T pose ...
  5. I can't use Artillery

    Choose "take the field" option when starting a battle so all your troops start by holding their positions. Also the artillerists can be selected by pressing "9" so you can issue more commands. On some maps the enemy troops rush you before artillery has time to set up.
  6. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    There's nothing wrong with the "infantry" or musketry. If you have enough troops and command their fire with purpose you'll do well enough. The real issue is that the enemy AI almost always charges straight at you which gives time for 3 volleys at best. The first two are not very effective because they'll be at longer ranges, the last one will be in effective range. So essentially you get one good volley aimed at the closest enemy troops unless you personally manage your lines' fire. If you have enough troops to have a left, right and center company, then you can get 3 effective volleys before melee. Plus whatever other divisions you have organized your party by.
    Also battle size plays a role in achieving the kind of deadly musket volleys you expect. It's not going to be present in small skirmishes but if you siege a city and advance your line up to the enemy breastworks you'll see how quickly they get cut down.

  7. Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

    Rheinbund vs. Napoleon with 390 troops on the battle field. Might try 1000 troops later but will have to create separate musketeer divisions for better organization.
  8. no besiege?????

    The AI is very aware of garrison strength so perhaps the rulers' 400+ army will try to capture a city by itself without a marshal but none of the other lords will make a move unless they can band together, which requires a marshal. The exception is if the garrison has been weakened. Weak cities also tempt factions to declare war. For example I captured Rome and left only 50 troops as garrison, immediately neighboring factions tried to provoke a war.
  9. no besiege?????

    Campaign AI doesn't seem to be very aggressive and factions appear to get stuck when voting is required, whether it's to appoint a marshal or award villages etc. Playing 1.2, I'm more than 900 days in and wars in general are pretty rare and limited to village raiding. I also noticed that once you have a dialogue with any lord about who should be marshal or who should get village x, then the choice is made within a few days. It's as if the AI won't make the decision unless your character reminds it.
  10. Do you like/dislike zero wages payment?

    There's nothing wrong with the concept and it's appropriate to the mod. The gameplay issue is that it makes lower tier troops obsolete, especially when they upgrade quite quickly. Maybe the simplest approach is to tweak upgrade experience values so higher tier units are more rare.
  11. Księstwo Warszawskie's infantry?

    Troop trees and stats are no doubt a work in progress as should be expected during alpha. In the mean time, if you want to edit troops to your liking, you can use Morgh's Editor:
    It's quite easy to use and it lets you revise any unit stats and even add items to loadout such as giving the mercenary horsemen horses. Be sure to start a new game if you use it.
  12. Suggestion Thread. Your ideas here.

    It would be nice to have a musket, pistol & sword as loadout but the limit of 4 equipment slots makes it impossible to carry ammunition for a musket and pistol as well as sword. Easiest solution would be to add a new ammunition object that's called cartridge pouch or something which can be used by both muskets and pistols.
    While on this topic, it may be nice to make use of some of the unused skills such as power throw to introduce other musket/pistol and associated skills. For example a gunsmithing skill to craft superior weapons or a kit you can buy to cast your own musket balls etc.
  13. Bought Viking DLC from Taleworlds, where is download? + Serial key converter

    I didn't get the email but I was able to activate the key on Steam, it's downloading right now. I have a Warband serial from Gamersgate and a Viking Conquest serial from the Taleworlds store (Avangate). In Steam I chose "Activate Product" using both of these serials and it worked. I hope this helps.
  14. MMORPG

    From a business point of view MMOs are naive vanity projects doomed to financial failure unless they have mass appeal to a demographic that has the time and money to spend on it. Sadly, at that point the quality of gameplay is very elementary or overly contrived which is unacceptable to the average M&B player. It may be fun for a bit but an MMO needs long term customers while the average M&B player will lose interest fairly quickly.
    Taleworlds knows they have crafted a Holy Grail in a difficult genre and I for one hope that they don't lose sight of the conceptual purity which resulted in such success.
  15. The future for the Brytenwalda team

    Congratulations team Brytenwalda! Looking forward!!!
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