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  1. 1.0.6 gives XP for tournaments and...practice matches?

    The real issue is going to a boxing ring and practicing takes time, you get better but time passes days go by. Time doesn't pass in game with the practice fights. At least with tournaments you can only do one and then you have to travel to another town. But with practice fights you could...
  2. Snowballing?

    The way the AI has the same rules as the players is one of my favourite new features about bannerlord , its one of the most important foundations in my opinion for building a game that is challenging but also feels fair and Im glad this is in the game Because the ai is like a player now it...
  3. Add Character Body Weight Slider to Customization?

    No worries man, also to aztec no you can't edit your character weight and build by pasting it back in from the notepad, although I think having high combat stats might increase your characters build value but this is just a guess
  4. Add Character Body Weight Slider to Customization?

    Press control c when you're in the character creation screen (which you can open from the campaing map by pressing v) then press control v when youre in notepad to see the key. ALso press control v in the char creation screen to paste a key in.
  5. Add Character Body Weight Slider to Customization?

    Same here, if you paste your characters key from the face creator you can see his current weight and muscularity. My character went from 0.6 "build" (which is the muscularity stat) to 0.1, maybe because I have low combat stats ?
  6. Give away 30th march

    Thank you Silberb
  7. Do we know the extent that children/spouses can have in running your faction?

    In one of the gamescom videos it showed that you could appoint companions or members of your clan as governors of towns and then depending on their skills and personality traits I believe the town would get different bonuses. It would definitely be cool if there was some crusader kings esque...
  8. 'About infantry vs Cav.' - toughts about recent dev input - UPDATED with poll

    For anyone interested here's a scene from the movie depicting an unsuccessful cavalry charge by the french. Hopefully it can help to envision what a mass cavalry charge would have been like.