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    Need More Info Bannerlord-SSD

    Why would you put a game on a hard drive
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    Need More Info [e1.0.4] [All Known Typo and Dialogue Issues]

    Summary: I had some key information missing from a conversation with a potential companion. It appeared to be missing names that would be pulled in from variables. I noticed that the known issues posted today say "Some texts and some variables are still missing from the game", but it doesn't specify that they know where these issues reside. I decided that I needed to post it somewhere, and this seems the best place to do it.
    Issue: The conversation was missing all references to names related to who wronged Ewyn the Wronged.
    Reproduce: I talked to Ewyn the Wronged in the tavern
    Location: Danustica's Tavern
    Screen shots: It would not let me insert the image, so I must resort to adding the links to those images (I just created my forum account less than 24 hours ago)
    Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
    Version: e1.0.3
    Summary: I found a typo on the "Army of Poachers" tooltip description. It says "Sacha the Supplier wants to get rid of the poachers who once served his and now became out of control." His should be "him" or "her". Sacha is a woman, so it should be her in this case.

    Issue: Typo with quest description. It says "his" in a spot that should be him or her. "His" is also masculine, so it's also not detecting the sex of the quest giver properly.
    Reproduce: Go to a town where Sacha the Supplier is giving the quest "Army of Poachers", select her icon, and review the info by placing the mouse over the quest.
    Location: Discovered in Odokh, but I would assume this applies to quest givers the the same quest in other towns too.
    Screen shots: Image of the issue
    Version: e1.0.3
    Thank you, I've added it to the list. Unfortunately I am no longer sure if we should keep this going. I would appreciate a response from a moderator regarding this list of issues.
    We appreciate the support by collating a list of bugs and typos (we really do), however, it's much better for the technical team to suit individual needs as some bugs may need a lot more attention (so talking to people individually to get information is a must). The technical team would categorise and collate bugs, and it's much harder to categorise and prioritise threads when it's a mega thread. From now on it would be nice for people to produce their own threads for their own technical issues, be sure to check the 'Known Issues' here and the 'Fixed Issues' here before creating a new thread for your technical issue. I will lock the thread, but we really do appreciate the amount of effort given to produce such a thread.
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    FYI-marriage mod

    Wow that is awesome!
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    Resolved Textures Don't Work As Supposed To, Game Textures Look Unloaded

    I'm glad to help if I can. I'm sorry to say this is likely because of your GPU. My guess is it has 3GB of VRAM. I am not familiar with AMD GPUs but here is a list of things I suggest you try one by one and test one by one:
    • Open up AMD Catalyst Control Center and change Anti Aliasing to "Adaptive Multi-Sampling" under Game settings.
    • Try changing anti-aliasing settings in-game.
    • Try changing all settings in-game.
    • Check for overheating and clear your case from dust if necessary.
    • Check if the issue happens in other game modes such as custom battle.
    • Check if the issue happens in a new save (unlikely but it's EA).
    • Open up AMD Catalyst Control Center and see if anything is relevant.
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    How do i change the version to 1.0.2?

    The launcher will still say e1.0.0. If you launch the game and load your save it should tell you that it has outdated modules. If not, you can check which module version the save was created on. Make sure you set Bannerlord to high update priority as Steam has disabled auto-updates cause of the boomer remover.
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    Resolved Textures Don't Work As Supposed To, Game Textures Look Unloaded

    I have not experienced issues with textures loading, just some normal map glitches here and there. Could you add your specs to your signature?
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    Resolved Game crashes when playing above 60fps - D3D Device context error

    I have VSYNC disabled in-game, but set to Fast in my NVIDIA panel. I set the slider in-game to 144. I am running the game at maximum settings with film grain and anti-aliasing turned off at 1440p.
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    Unresolved Download Issue

    Damn, I'm sorry. Did you actually turn off your PC, and if so could you leave it on until it finishes?
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    Unresolved Download Issue

    Did the total size remaining change?
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    Resolved Textures Don't Work As Supposed To, Game Textures Look Unloaded

    What happens when you change all texture-related settings to highest?
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    Relative doesn't leave your party after timing out on Family Feud quest

    You've sworn to protect him. It is now your duty.
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    Resolved Game crashes when playing above 60fps - D3D Device context error

    Have you tried unplugging the projector from your system before launching the game? I play on 144 1440p just fine with one monitor. I have valve index plugged in but it does not act like a secondary screen in windows.
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    Marrying someone feels like a job interview

    Lets add a poll on how speech checks should be handled haha.
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