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  1. Beta Branch e1.1.0

    The performance in this game is better than ever. Congrats. :grin:
  2. Patch Notes e1.0.9

    Am I crazy or they increased the animation speed? I noticed this on custom battles.
  3. World map of M&B

    That's ok..haha I would love to see something like that in the Bannerlord too but even for a DLC I think this is just too much for this game. Maybe they can use this map size for Mount Blade 2 in 2030. xP
  4. World map of M&B

    That will never happen. How many Gbs Mount Blade would have? 100Gb~~150Gb? Stop daydreaming. :lol:
  5. Patch Notes e1.0.7

    Post about this problem here, I think this better than create a topic about that: This version gave me this issue with those factions.
  6. What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    Honour 2655/2 Chris Blackwell (PRS)
  7. Who else plans to await on singleplayer until end of EA?

    After 34 hours playing only single-player, It's time to stop and wait for the 1.1.0. I hope they fix the memory leak and snowballing. Also, change the A.I - Currently, they are just stupid most of the time. With lords, they don't have any strategy and just rush. They don't try to circle all my...
  8. What are you reading now?

    Currently, I'm reading "Life in the French Foreign Legion" - Evan McGorman
  9. Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    Even with snowballing, I have already done so many things in version 1.05 that it will be a little frustrating playing more days until a new version comes and my save game screws up. On the other side, my campaign has already crazy because of this problem so..:roll: I agree with you, one of...
  10. Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    We are getting almost 1 patch per day. I think that I'm going to come back only when they release version 1.1.0.
  11. Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    This new update will have more than 10mb. Btw. I hope they fix the most common problems specially snowballing and stutterings and some particular things about A.I. However, I think that snowballing and A.I, are a long term correction...Maybe in a couple of months, we will see a great...
  12. Some suggestions

    Features that could be implemented. a) Turning the forge more interesting: the possibility to customize my own troop with my forged equipment. Each troop could be exclusive. b) Torche and fire arrows Battles at night is not good enough if you are not capable to see all the enemies...
  13. Game breaking faction/kingdom snowballing balance problem

    This picture is from day 256, BUT the Western Empire has vanished after ~100 days or less. - All my 5 tries to play the campaign the first empire that is destroyed is the Western Empire. lol This picture is from 1.05.
  14. Patch Notes e1.0.5

    This is my first game at 1.05 and this is my first time with snowball playing this version.