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    [DR] Deutschritter [EU/DE] [Best Battle Clan] [Recruiting]

    hey, because the skirmish just finished when you asked the question - CoR isn't active per se (afaik), but a lot of us have started playing Bannerlord.

    Good luck!
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    Speculations and warmongering.

    Individual skill might win the battles indeed, but there's one universal truth:

    The Austrian-German-Swish coalition will obviously win.

    I mean seriously, it's not like we've EVER lost a worldwide war of any significance.  :grin:

    In fact, I think it was just ironic trickery by archer to make us sit out the first round...usually, it's also us who take the initiative in international battles  :razz:
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    "Camping is gamey"

    Those guys camping the castle in Siege are the most annoying, by far.  :evil:

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    A Mighty Challenge to shake the foundations of Calradia - Act 2

    I'm all for it, I'm still so annoyed that I missed the first one by half an hour :grin:
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    Is it fine to raid caravans of nations you are not at war with?

    jcrusader said:
    Omg hi Thyr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hiho, I'm sorry but I don't recall where we know each other from - can you tell me your ingame nick (or just send me a personal message please)? I'm better at remembering ingame nicks/situations than forum nicknames :smile:

    On topic, if you actually do raid the caravan and a personal crusade against you should start (and it's too late to make peace with your enemies by bribing one of the enemy lords), you could attempt to get your faction to go on war against the enemy faction, but it can be somewhat hard to do so. Or you could just destroy the enemy faction yourself (but that's not really an option until pretty late into the game). Gotta love how much freedom this game grants you in this regard :smile:
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    Is it fine to raid caravans of nations you are not at war with?

    Well, the faction you're robbing won't be too pleased as you can imagine, if you can handle the backlash it's just fine. Just make sure you don't exaggerate or there will be a personal crusade against you by the other faction, and in that case you'll be on your own (your faction won't help you in battles unless they are hostile to the other party).

    There are means to make peace with an affronted faction, but they can be somewhat expensive. It's your game, so do as you please :wink:
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    Trial Version Online?

    Yup, I doubt that's intended.
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    [0.80X problem] Great weapon balance broken due to polearm changes?

    I was already wondering why fighting Great Long Axes was feeling harder all of a sudden - they could outswing me even while using a swadian Twohanded Sword and moving into a quick strike straight after a block, which never used to happen before. It might have something to do with the left-right animation changes too, so I can't say if it's just the Great Long Axe, but it certainly feels different from before.
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    [Suggestion] Block Delay

    Ping depends mainly on your/the server's location, not your download speed...
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    Call for Character Bios for Custom Battle

    Couldn't pass on a contest like this, here's my character (the whole backstory is way longer but I shortened it to meet the requirements - 799 characters now :wink: )

    Originally my character was supposed to be a Rhodok, later a character driven away from the Khergit homelands outside of Calradia. Since having an "external" background was preferred, I slightly rewrote the story to keep this character "neutral", so he could be a Rhodok just as easily as a Vaegir or a stranger from a foreign land, simply depending on how the player interprets the first and last sentences of the bio. I think that's kinda fitting for a custom battle generator since everyone can just make up his own detailed story about him  :smile:

    Ethyron Dayel

    Age: 26
    Place of Birth: Haelur


    Born as the only son of a minor noble, Ethyron spent most of his youth learning about the ways of honour and fighting. His training was far from over however, when an ongoing feud between his father and another Lord, who was organizing a feast his family attended, escalated. Furious, his father ordered his family to leave. In what seemed to be an attempt at saving his face, the other Lord ordered some of his men to escort his family back home.

    Rumours say that the entire escort including the Dayel family was tragically killed by steppe bandits. This is far from the truth. Most of the escort still live...

    Ethyron barely survived and fled, struggling for many years under a new name until finally becoming the leader of a small warband in distant Calradia. Revenge has to wait, for now...

    Face key:

    Level 23

    Str: 12
    Agi: 15
    Int: 16
    Char: 13

    Ironflesh: 2
    Power Strike: 4
    Power Throw: 0
    Power Draw: 3
    Weapon Master: 3
    Shield: 4
    Athletics: 5
    Riding: 4
    Horse Archery: 0
    Looting: 2
    Trainer: 2
    Tracking: 2
    Tactics: 5
    Pathfinding: 2
    Spotting: 1
    Inventory Management: 1
    Wound treatment: 2
    Surgery: 0
    First Aid: 0
    Engineer: 0
    Persuasion: 3
    Prisoner Management: 2
    Leadership: 4

    One-handed weapons: 173
    Two-handed weapons: 202
    Polearms: 128
    Archery: 101
    Crossbows: 64
    Throwing: 54

    Segmented Helmet
    Surcoat over Mail
    Leather Gloves
    Leather Boots

    Shortened Military Scythe
    Military Sickle
    Heavy Kite Shield

    Hunter/Steppe horse
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    [Suggestion] Swadian "Light Crossbow"

    I really miss the "replace the siege crossbow with the light crossbow for Swadia" option, It'd set Rhodok and Swadian xbowmen further apart. (Swadian crossbowmen should be allowed to buy saddle horses then ofc)

    And, mounted crossbowmen aren't useless if you play them smart, you just have to use the mobility to your advantage. Just yesterday I nicked a saddle horse in team deathmatch as an xbowman and got 6 or 7 kills before I got killed even once on a TDM server, and that despite the fact that I had to dismount at a save place to reload (of course I didn't charge them heads on but used the horse to flank the enemies and stood still to shoot them, but this would balance out if you had a weaker crossbow that you could shoot from horseback).
  12. Thyr

    [question] Dying enemies now soak up attacks for a short while??

    CMarshall said:
    He's referring to that feature they added a few patches ago. It said it in the changelogs. Not sure what it means exactly  :mrgreen:

    It's basically a feature that was added on request for friendly fire servers. The problem was that, when two people were striking at a foe at once from two directions, and one of them killed him, the strike of the second person would just go through the (now killed) enemy and hit/kill his teammate instead.

    The feature should make the enemy block the second hit as well while it is falling, but personally I haven't noticed it happening either. Maybe it's simply because the bodies drop so fast that it's hardly ever noticeable, dunno. I like the fact that the problem was adressed though, punishing people for smartly surrounding an enemy was a pretty stupid sideffect of FF serves.

    EDIT: Ninjaed.
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    [Request] Make Long Axes Polearm-Only Already

    Concur in the hope that it might get some attention this time.
  14. Thyr

    0.701 - Period of mourning declared for lost banners

    As two of my favourite banners were removed, I concur with the suggestion of increasing the banner cap rather than arbitrarily removing banners people have gotten fond of.
  15. Thyr

    Enough with the rearing already

    Sounds like a stuntman jumping out of a car, your horse won't explode when it hits a wall  :grin:
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