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    Does leaving excess food/tools in a village's market increase it's prosperity?

    But it seems that the bandit infestation happens to some villages a lot and it is a great way to boost relations
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    Multipel ammunitions

    It was not uncommon for some of the pesent class who managed to get a fire arm to use use crude matreal fro shot. pebbels being a old standy by you find small stones close to the right size in most steams and the watted will have smothe and mostly rounded the stone. so bent bullets could be called stone, or thay we also made from pottey  It small shot for fowel was use basicly right from the start. in game this coul give a bonus to acuracy but penalty to dammage
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    Your Favourite Weapon?

    Balanced Iron staff, Or spiked staff.
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    Ranged weapons. Worth investing?

    Has a leader ship character, I normly don't have the sates to engage in melee, the drunk in the bar beets me nearly every time.
    But a bolt to the face from my hunting crossbow. can take dowen any thing and it needs no skill points.
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    how to get a new city

    Has a mercnaray you can go to the king and ask to be made a vassel, But the king will never send you a letter inviting  you to become a vassel while your a mercnary.
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    anyone else hates troop morale?

    I play a 30 CHA commander, I often have armys of 120+ and have no trobbel with morale.  But I do use a lot of mercnary toops has well.
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    right to rule

    Some companoiuns dont like outher companoiut RtR quest and wont do there if the one thay don't like is done first you can deal with that but sending companoin on the right to rule quest soon has you get them befor thay have a chance to get upity about it
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    Do you play with equal damage?

    The hardist thing about 100% dammage is that the AI atatck the player by defalt. and it allway aims for the head.
    It only has about a 1/100 chance of hitting you but 25 bandits with 4 javlens/throwing axes each is 100 projectile flying at you head. so stay under cover untill thay have used up all there throwing wepons on the shields of your troops. becuse 1 javlen/axe in the face is all it takes to end the battle.
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    Civil War

    Put more points in to persashin. send a companion to find wich vassel don't like the king and are just looking for a resion to defect
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    Mercenary Army

    What mecanarys are best at is filling gaps in your faction. line up.
    But a Mercnary, slaver chief, and sword sister armey is efective since you have the eqivlant to 2nd best of every troop tipe.
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    My Awesome New Shield

    Your url is wrong hear is what you ment to link.



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    Assigning fiefs to lords?

    If your minister is a prominit citizen. you can't assine fifes jut pisck up a extra comapinon and have you current stwerd step dowen in faver of the companion you jut picked up
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    Lances, Jousting Lance or Light Lance?

    Couching, did not become common practice untill the 7th centry, when the stirrup becam wide spred. Horses were for demistacated about 4500 BCE, That there was about 5000 years of mounted combat were crouching was not possable. so all spear arme horse men had to thrust in that time period.
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    Lances, Jousting Lance or Light Lance?

    The dubble ended lance is prety good if your nt cacing outher lance calvery. And it is still good if you have to fight on foot.
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    its strategy sharing time and information gathering

    I think he is refering to the magic of party skills, Surgery, first aid, wound treatment. can magicly prevent a axe to the head from being fatel and heal from nearly fatel wound in a days time.
    Even get a bust of healing between round in long battels.

    Tracking lets you see magic glowing arrows tell you the direction and size any group that has pased near by. spoting lets you sew beyound the horizen,
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