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    Icon images loading....stuttering

    I am in SSD, no slowdown for menu navigation.
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    Khuzait Solution

    The real problem is the AI which breaks the formations until the end of the battle for a charge in the middle of the field. Which gives the rider the joy of killing without consequence. The Sturgians should form a formation in the forest, impact the charge, counterattack, and then return to formation. So on, I win this way .... Then the commanders who rush into enemy formations solo ... They lead, he should be back for 80% of the battle.
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    Breakable pikes/lances!

    Which would make the pikemen useless after the first charge ... just a unit with a little extra sword. Suffice to say that it will become useless again. The idea is not bad in itself, but so the spears of the horsemen too will have to break too. So the riders will be with their swords during the second charge.
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    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    The mod only changes the siege tower, but not the ladders ... so not the overall behavior of the AI. I think tales is trying to change the AI and not a particular object, apart from the mod doesn't change their behavior on scales it seems, so you only have half of the scales that are used. So a good mod, not a good dev patch^^
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    All kinds of problems with the main quest

    The main quest would have been nice if we could go from village to castle, then to town. Found a kingdom and play with diplomacy to survive. Roll on the quest for pretenders to the throne ^^ ... or even found an Order of warriors.
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    Information about developments at snowballing problem

    Do kingdoms still gather massive armies in peace time? Then a good money saver would be to have them drop a % (say 50%)of their troops in garrisons and only go to full strength when at war.
    +1. I think the lords still pay their garrison, so the lords would have to reduce their army by 50% in peacetime or the clan lords would stay in their homes without an army and the other nobles would hunt bandits.
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    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    I know it's effective to get rich, but you absolutely do not support your faction ... if you fill the cities with food, the armies of your faction will fill up and you have a profit.
    I just think it's a technique that takes the fun and immersion out of the game.
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    More T1 upgrade paths

    With each update, I go to the sandbox core files and I add the possibility for the farmers to become a watchman. Besides, I added a shield to the watchman. Because he is Tier 2 ^^.
    To turn the looters into another bandit unit, it's simple and without mod. On the other hand, the conditions with the minor clan, this requires a full-fledged mod.
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    What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    I hated this feature from some mods with those random encounters where you had to choose some option and if you choosed the wrong one BAM -1 strenght, was noch much fun for me :grin:

    But the good ol´ save scum method could make the -1 strenght to a +1 strenght, still didn´t like it.
    I'm not talking about a random thing. When you fall in battle, the last blow hurts you. If the last blow is on the arm, a wound that reduces the one-hand skill by 20 points, if not healed within 4 or 5 days of the battle, of course you pay the doctor. Did you play viking conquest?
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Extended the combat AI so that agents are able to use spear bracing.
    Are the spearmen finally going to anchor their spear in the ground?
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    What do you do in a medium-long campaign when NOT at war?

    Let's wait until later, the addition of contenders for the throne of each nation will add a lot, I hope to see another function that was in warband or even viking conquest. Permanent wounds if not treated by a doctor, prostitutes in taverns that you can pay for the morale of your army, noble receptions etc ...
    I think we go up too quickly hierarchically in bannerlord. In warband, apart from the village you are given, you have to contribute a lot to get more. Especially on a game that must be over several generations, becoming the lord of a city in less than 3 years really breaks the principle of going up generational.
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    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    I play maximum difficulty for everything. I would be happy to help you level faster, it should not be taking you that long. If you know what you're doing you can boost Trade to 125 fairly easily for that renown perk and Smithing as well is super easy. I can tell you how if you want. The game's still not finished so there are certain ways to level Trade and Smithing in particular disgustingly fast if you do them properly.
    Thanks, but I'm not looking for performance. I am a merchant who sells fur and resells wheat to fill the reserves during wars ^^. I have two workshops and two caravans, it brings me 600 denars, it is enough for my army of 70 mercenaries .... Yes I play full mercenaries. I only recruit in taverns, because I like to drink ^^
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    Suggestion for improvement of the forge

    Hello, players and moderators. Would it be possible to add a failure rate on melts of weapons and refining materials? I think it can balance the abuse of the Forge if your 15,000 denar weapon melts, but gives nothing, no materials. What do you think?
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    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    ... then you use the javelin price to break the pace of the game, it's like using cheats. It's fun complaining and using it at the same time, you have a choice not to. it's not a bug you can't avoid, you use it knowing it's being abused.
    Report it and don't use it while waiting for an update
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    Smithing - Is the player supposed to easily get +5 millions before day 500?

    I just know that the difficulty influences a lot on the progression of the character's levels, but also his talents ... that's why your forge level increased to 250 in 45 minutes, I don't know how you do it.

    I think he should add a failure rate to weapon melts and material refinements.
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