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    In Progress Game crash when pressing "done" after battle

    Not here, got it aswell but way after getting clan tier 1.
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    Zijn we terug?

    wat hebben ze met de multiplayer gedaan..
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    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    waarom is het zo dood hier
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    The Nameless - Official Clanthread

    Terrible front post 0/10.
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    Nation's Cup 2013 (**** you kwal)

    Sorry dat m'n PC aan de mushrooms zit, niks werkte meer tijdens de pauze voor italianen dus zat effe m'n pc te fixen. Wat is de uitslag?
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    Niflheim Presents: 2 vs 2 Tournament || Finals

    I'm too lazy to upload, but its true.  8-)
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    Niflheim Presents: 2 vs 2 Tournament || Finals

    It should count but, I just need a team that wants to get their asses handed, not a team that flees like cowards.  :evil:
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    [ND3] - Duel Results Thread

    Thovex 4 - 9 Deacon Thanks for duels  :mrgreen:
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    [ND3] - Duel Communication Thread

    I can't really get in contact with Kaltvien, I got him on steam but he is on when I'm sleeping for a few hours when I wake up he is off already...
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    [ND3] - Duel Results Thread

    IG_Ctz_Thovex 9 - 8 Thyke Tobi saw it, and so on. Thanks for fight, very close in the end.