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  1. Bannerlord Creative Competition 2

    So let me get this straight- - the Scene Design and 3D art contest both have prizes like a small PC or a processor, but the 2D contest is only worth a mousepad? Not even a T-shirt? Or a forum badge like the others? Last contest, that was the prize for taking a cool screenshot, whereas 2D art winners were given the same prizes as the Scene Design winners.
    At the risk of sounding rude, I could make enough working at my minimum wage job to buy myself one of these mousepads in a quarter of the time it would take me to make a contest-worthy comic.
    I'm gonna give TW the benefit of the doubt and assume for the time being that there was a mistake made and the prize listed was meant to be for screenshots (though that was not a category mentioned in the post), but I'm not so sure. The only reason I'm posting this here is because as of yet, there hasn't even been an official forum thread for the 2D contest. I'm worried that 2D artists are being seriously undervalued.
  2. Custom Troops

    So I've noticed in some mods and even some of the DLC's, you can recruit unique units from certain locations. For example, in ACOK, recruiting Lannisport Spearmen from Lannisport, or recruiting berserkers from hofs in Viking Conquest. I'm just wondering how I can accomplish this? Is it something...
  3. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    When I open the .exe, it says it can't find the m&b path. I bought the original m&b specifically for this. (the link for the free version is down now.) Did I miss a step?
  4. HELP!: Adding an Armor Mod

    So I've been working on a mod for a couple of weeks now, and I'm trying to add an OSP armor pack (Fred's Bunch of Armours.) I'm at a bit of a loss though; they don't show up in cities, or when I look in the cheat menu. I think I've done everything needed. I've: -copied the resource and...
  5. Native LSP 3D Art Fred's bunch 'o armours (now with more stuff)

    Can somebody tell me how many more items it adds so I can edit item_kinds1 accordingly?
  6. Download link and main info! [latest ver 0.0.82e -- 19 Jun 2016]

    I have a question. I opened the body .brf file for Viking Conquest, and exported the female body mesh as a .stl to edit it. Is there any way to replace the original mesh with the edited one?
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