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    Australia and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) US/AUS/NZ

    Lord Sir Dean said:
    Preferred In-Game: Lord_Sir_Deano
    Steam Name: Lord Sir Dean of Murder Mountain
    Time Zone: GMT +12 (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Previous In-Game experience: Lots, play a lot. I always play as a rifleman or arty.
    Do you have teamspeak3: Getting it right now as i write this.

    I have a friend who wants to join aswell and he has the same exprience as me. If i am accepted i will give you his details.

    #On a side note my ping on Napoleonic Wars is ALWAYS 0; so apparantly i live next door to all of the servers.

    added you on steam
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    Australia and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) US/AUS/NZ

    Battlecat said:
    Do you guys have cav ? I can't seem to find that info in the thread.

    add The_Bandit for more info
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    Australia and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) US/AUS/NZ

    dfs187 said:
    Steam Name; dsf187
    Preffered ingame name: Alfred
    Experience: 10 hours mount an blade played, 5 hours of Napoleonic wars played
    i have teamspeak 3
    Time zone; Perth

    I cant find you add The_Bandit on steam
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    [Australian Community] Lounge Chair Carnage

    G,Day members of taleworlds For all those Australians and people from Oceania out there in the community who want to join or even merc for a AU regiment that has events at night not 2am in the morning I suggest looking at the community website www.loungechaircarnage.com.au Our Community is...
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    Australia and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) US/AUS/NZ

    allblackz93 said:
    Preferred In-Game: Allblackz
    Steam Name: allblackz93
    Time Zone: GMT +10 (Queensland)
    Previous In-Game experience: Single player only, 50 or so hours on Warband, 40 on F&S.
    Do you have teamspeak3: Yes, but never used it.

    added you... I think
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    Australia and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) US/AUS/NZ

    rohanc10 said:
    Preferred In-Game: Javert
    Steam Name: Javert
    Time Zone: GMT +10 Canberra
    Previous In-Game experience: 30 hours of napoleonic wars
    Do you have teamspeak3: Yes

    I cant find you can you add TomaHawkAU on steam it might come up as [95th] Lt Richard Sharpe
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    1st Australian Volunteer Rifles *Recruiting*

    another australian regiment :razz:

    btw if you are truely australian it should be Pte not Pvt for Private and also CSgt is a rank underneath CSM

    anyway good luck
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    3rd "Scots Guard" Regiment Of Foot Guards, 1st Battalion

    add some pictures also if this is a United Kingdom Regiment then I believe the 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards was actually the Scots Guards (not Highlanders)

    also maybe add a little bit more info like ranks and history and roster and about why we would want to join your regiment...

    good luck
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    [Proposal] Napoleonic Persistent World [Community Project]

    Menelaos16 said:
    Post in mod ideas

    link please
  10. TheTomdebomb

    The History of a Soldier [Community Game]

    as the melee went on the French opened fire with their artillery using canister shot!
  11. TheTomdebomb

    [Proposal] Napoleonic Persistent World [Community Project]

    Hello, I have had the idea of a Napoleonic Persistent World. I know people have probably thought of this before but I thought I might bring it up again and hopefully get the idea off the ground. First I will need to ask permission from alot of people to use there skins as my idea is to gather...
  12. TheTomdebomb

    Australian Servers & Community

    Hey Baron can you look at the LCC PW section there is something important there. Also I got Osama to start making a LOTR PW map
  13. TheTomdebomb

    Australian Servers & Community


    admin on NW_Official_Aus_1

    also this is what i received when I posted about my regiment on LCC forum

    man u make so many regiments an they all r **** and full of the same 2 or 3 noobz why dont u stop making regiments alltogether i recomend no1 join this regiment or any other regiment made by `tomdabomb` hes a swindler a trickster and a phony if your lookin for the reall NW experience i suggest u join a real regiment thats been round for ages not like this clowns regiments they last 5 seconds yea

    and half of them arnt even in english like this ones dutch o some **** i dunno but i think you need to see a dotor or somes hit man

    for more look at this
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    [IDEA] Lord of the Rings Sub-Mod

    Z0mbiN3 said:
    TheTomdebomb said:
    Skallagrim said:
    Barradin said:
    eth1234567890 said:
    There is no need to make new mod. All you need to do is make a sever, a map, and some name of facktions. That is all you need.

    This, and custom flags for the respected Lord of the Rings factions.
    Or use ingame flags, and just pretend  :roll:
    The reason I want a sub-mod is because I want new skins like the armours, castles and I want to be able to select race with differences like Hobbits and Dwarfs are short and Uruk-Hai look like Uruk-Hai.

    You can use some items etc. from The Last Days mod which just became an OSP 16 days ago.

    Can I have a link
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