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    Change name midgame

    "Detailed Character Creation" on the nexus allows you to change your name, along with the names of other characters. It also adds some more, but yeah, that's what I tend to use it for.
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    Move Sargot(h) back where it should be, and give it to Sturgia

    Technically, the Sturgians aren't actually fully the nords, rather they are the precursors of the vaegirs and nords. There are some Nords in the game, but from what I think, is that the majority of the Nords arrive from Nordland between Bannerlord and Warband and conquered a whole bunch of land, which includes Sargoth and that coast.
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    African Inspired Factions

    Historic inspiration for in game factions, whether already present or not, is not part of this proposal.
    You're free to pitch in art work or similar items to draw a more precise picture of OPs idea, but a debate about history is not part of this thread. We've had that in a similar thread, by OP nonetheless, and that had to be shut down due to excessive derailment by several users.
    Since this is the appropriate section, this thread may stand.
    Contribute to to the suggestion or prove a valid point, but on-going debates are a big no and will be dealt with accordingly. Setting this to watch.
    I just saw that thread, that devolved so hard so fast.

    But yeah, I would like to see a faction like this honestly. The armour and weapons would probably have to be pretty unique for this faction, which would be fine and a nice addition to the game.
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    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    The ram saved my life when I sieged a city with only 110 guys and won with minimal casualties. I brought all my soldiers to the front gate and when the gate was destroyed I had them charge and effectively attacked from the inside out instead of funneling them up the siege tower I made or using the ladders. This made them avoid most of the arrows, and thankfully the city I attacked was mostly militia so the defenders were easily killed.
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    Dev Blog 07/06/19

    I can imagine myself rounding up as many lords as I can, and executing every single one because I was bored and had nothing else to do
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    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    With my American ways, I read it and thought it was an announcement for October and got really confused.  :oops:
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    PoP Food gives no morale bonus and -30 no food

    You should probably ask on their side on the forum.

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    Spoilers: Siege Elecrai

    The siege was put in as a joke and is the hardest thing really in the game, you do get some items from it but isn't really worth it since you will probably lose your entire army doing it.
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    Accidentally left my faction and lost my fiefs

    The only thing you could do is back to a previous save if you have one. Other than that, you will have to work to get everything back again.
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    Make the Empire Great again!  :party:

    Everyone else is just a barbarian.


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    [SOLVED] How to Get a Pendor King Helm?

    Dom Pedro I said:
    Well, I do not know why but this option did not appear for me, only the culture option. What can I do to get the helmet now?

    The current version is 3.8, the version shown in the screenshot to my knowledge is version 3.9, which hasn't been released yet.
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    Perisno Version 0.81 - The Main Thread (HF0.811 - March 11, 2017, 10:37:18 AM)

    My game is updated to the latest, and It only requires me to have 1 relation with the town to get an enterprise. I just buy drinks for everyone and then I'm fine.
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    Kicked from Server ALLWAYS

    Have you tried to download the game from Taleworlds and use it there?
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