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  1. Designing Bannerlord

    Lmao Well said. ;)
  2. Designing Bannerlord

    "The world does not tell a story. There is very little sense of history or the impact of the passage of time. This is different from having a Main Quest line. Games can tell a compelling story without having a predefined narrative, just look at CK2" How does CK2 do that? Also, not a great idea...
  3. Solved game slows down on Campaign Map, music and visual freezes

    Not to hijack your issue, but I also just had this issue, and I'm fairly certain mine was caused by purchasing a caravan, since a previous save that Ive reloaded hasn't had this issue yet.
  4. Designing Bannerlord

    I see a lot of critique, but no suggestions. No offense.
  5. Are people still actually complaining about hideouts?

    My issue with hideouts is solely based on how unbelievable they are. I doubt that bandits would all set up small camps hundreds of yards apart from each other, only for their leader to challenge the protagonist to a duel after his entire camp is wiped out. Honestly, it reads like a B rated...
  6. Leveling is cringe-worthy

    Completely agree
  7. Separate Troop Experience from Troop Equipment - Economy fix

    Ive been wanting this for a long time!
  8. Some Suggestions from Chinese players

    What does being Chinese have anything to do with suggestions?
  9. Spear speed

    My half awake brain omitted the "in one hand" part. My argument was that spears held two handed are capable of being thrusted fast as ****. My bad.
  10. Spear speed

    You couldnt be further from the truth that spears are slow in real life.

    ....last I checked crpg stood for computer role playing game....
  12. Attempting balance in a feature incomplete game is a bad idea.

    And good luck even finding your caravan to begin with, let alone finding them fast enough to be able to help them.
  13. Non-working skills

    Maybe tell us which ones dont work, so we don't have to guess?
  14. What happened to the competent ai they showed off in this video from a dev blog about the ai melee combat overhaul?

    I would also love it if my infantry formations would stop breaking ranks as soon as enemies get within 10 feet of them. It immediately turns into a huddled cluster **** and removes any point to keeping them in formation in the first place.