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  1. F&S Bugs Thus far

    Taleworlds really needs to hire someone who speaks English to do some proofreading, especially in the manual.  I'm very quickly losing confidence in the game designers' professional work ethic.
  2. Am I losing my mind?

    Alex Trebek is the son of a Ukranian-Canadian immigrant.  Yes, there is a connection in the name, but it's a coincidence, not a conspiracy.
  3. F&S Bugs Thus far

    I'm trying to do the quest for Zamoshye about getting the guy in Smolensk to lower taxes.  Upon speaking to the man, I first asked him about a special mission.  His special mission was for me to raid a village, but I refused and I got -15 relations with him and the convo ended.  I then spoke with him again this time about the taxes.  I chose to try and pursuade him.  At this point, the screen locked.  I'm guessing this is a bug and not supposed to happen.
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