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  1. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    It's all in code. It requires a mod like mine to modify them. What I did was copy the ComputeRawDamageNew function from TaleWorlds.Core.CombatStatCalculator and use a Harmony prefix patch to replace the function with my own, which uses the variables that are set in the settings for the mod. It's how most modders are modding Bannerlord, since most of the stuff is in the game's dlls and isn't exposed in an ini or text file. https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony

    With my mod it's simple enough to change them, if you're using the standalone version you just change them in the config file. If the MCM version you go into the in-game settings menu and adjust them. It actually doesn't even require a game restart if you adjust them with the MCM.

    If someone wanted to do more than what my mod does and rewrite the function completely, they would have to make a similar mod to replace it with their own values. It's not hard, but it does require a bit of knowledge and some tools.
  2. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    It is a bit weak, especially against blunt weapons. The tournament arrows (blunt damage) are especially painful for armored troops.

    Added a new version with a few new features. Chief among them is a new freeform character creation that lets you assign starting attribute/focus points without regard for what background you set.
  3. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    Updated for version 1.5.4. Requires editing a Config.xml file since the Mod Config Menu isn't updated yet.
  4. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    Thanks. I forgot what the title even was, but he added it back haha.

    New version up with some new features.
  5. Custom Titles

    I forget exactly what mine was. It was added when I was doing all the tweaks and text edits, heh. Having it back would be cool, though.
  6. Game 'finished' in realistic, feedback and suggestions

    Viking Conquest was done by a different team. I would be very surprised if the base Bannerlord game suddenly started incorporating stuff from Brytenwalda or Viking Conquest.

    It would be cool if the Brytenwalda team made something for Bannerlord, though.
  7. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    Thanks! It has been a while. Got busy with life. But being laid off with the Covid thing and Bannerlord being released at the same time is a pretty big incentive to come back, lol. Seems I lost all the little forum thingies they had given me in the old forum, though. Too bad, hah.
  8. SP Native TML Tweaks Mod - various fixes and tweaks. Fully configurable. For 1.5.4

    Download on Nexus Mods This mod includes the following options, all disabled by default: Character Tweaks: Double focus points per level. Set the # of levels per attribute point. 2 = one every two levels. Smithing Tweaks: New slightly more efficient bulk refining formulas and adds some...
  9. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    Thanks all. Still pretty busy here, but I'm finding time to read forums again.  :wink:

    zchmrkenhoff said:
    How did you fix the supply wagon issue? I'd like to fix it but not necessarily download this submod.

    My issue with the supply wagon is here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=259367.new#new

    That was caused by a simple oversight with having two constants use the same number. You just have to change them to be different in module_constants.py and recompile the mod. They are spt_player_loot_wagon and dplmc_spt_gift_caravan. They are both set to 21 in Brytenwalda 1.40, I just added a zero to the loot wagon one making it 210.

  10. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    Just letting you all know I won't be working on the mod anymore, at least for a while. My mother passed away suddenly on the 5th, and I've been busy with everything related to that and helping out my dad since then. Haven't really had the time or been in the mood for modding anything, and I'm not sure when I will.

    So the submod will be on an indefinite hold until further notice. If anyone wants to use any of my changes, piecemeal or as a whole, to make their own mod of Brytenwalda - feel free to do so.

    God bless, and I wish you all a merry Christmas.
  11. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    FALX said:
    Will you give me an  source  files  = 1.21  versions  ?  Please.

    Oh, sure. I was thinking I had replaced the 1.20 one with it. Edited the OP.

    Also, for the source, you'll still need the map.txt file from the mod download. Didn't think to put it in with the source files since it's not a python file.
  12. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    That's probably about it for a while now, unless more issues crop up. I try to keep from breaking save compatibility though, I still have a save from my version 1.0 and it seems to work fine.
  13. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    Ha! I found a funny bug. Header_skills has foraging as skill 21 and looting as skill 22, but in the actual skill list someone has swapped them without changing the header file. Now most of the references to looting or foraging use the reference to the skills file, but some reference the header file's definition (the "" makes all the difference).

    There are only two areas where the skills actually are switched due to this:

    Character creation. All the chars that are supposed to get foraging get looting and vice versa.
    Fishing - when at sea there's a trigger that is supposed to use the player's foraging skill to catch fish. It actually uses the player's looting skill.

    Now excuse me while my merchant, who is suspiciously good at looting for an upstanding merchant, buys a boat and sets sail for fish looting.

    Loot the sea!  :lol:
  14. List of possible skill bonuses

    You get 1 morale every 48 hours with 30+ unwounded soldier wives. If they're wounded they don't count, and any less than 30 doesn't count.

    Not really worth it imo :smile:

    I cheated and read the source for the bonuses.  :lol:

    Women and the Woden priests are +1 for 20, +2 for 40, and +3 for 70 - this adds all of the diff types together.
    8+ caravan masters gives +3 trade, 5 is 2.
    Hornmen you need 30 for the +3, but +2 is only 10.
    Slaver chief is 1, 5, and 10 troops for 1, 2, and 3 looting skill.
    Shepherds are 1, 20, and 40 for foraging 1, 2, 3.
    Cantaber Iuventus give give tracking, but I don't think I've actually seen that troop in the game.
    Spies add spotting, but the script seems bugged on that one so that they only give you +2 when you have 11+ of them and don't ever give +1.
    Gwas Ys Tafell and the other faction equivalent troops (big list of em, I believe they come with hornmen when they join you, saxons are Tacnberend) give you leadership, 1 for every 10 up to 3 - I've never gotten more than one of those though.
    The cleric troops give first aid skill, 1 for every 10 up to 3.
  15. TML Submod 1.21 for Brytenwalda 1.40 (Updated 11/27/2012)

    Well I went ahead and uploaded my changes. I tried various ways to get the infantry to fight better in formation, but simply ordering the infantry to hold fire and charge when the enemy is near (any enemy within 8 meters, enemy infantry or archer formation center within 15 meters) seems to be giving the best effect. They move across the field in formation, throwing weapons and such while approaching or facing off against each other, then swap to melee weapons and charge in.

    I did the hold fire part because otherwise the charge AI was making half of them rush in and the other half stand back holding throwing weapons trying to get an angle to throw them between the other half to hit the enemies. And the charging infantry kept getting in their way, so the total effect was half the infantry rushed to battle and the other half stood back like "So, are we charging now? Is that what we're doing? I'm confused."

    Let me know what you guys think. I ran various test battles and it seemed to work ok, but I'm sure it still has its issues since all I'm really doing is disabling all that fancy infantry formation AI that Motomataru spent so much time on every time the infantry start fighting. Well, not ALL of it - I situated it so that they still fall back to reform if they get really spread out (mostly when reinforcements arrive).
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