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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Four new factions planned ! Archbishopric of Trier, March of Saluzzo, March of Montferrat, and Milan.

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    B Medieval Medieval Mod : Third Crusade

    Good luck with your mod! My team and I are working on a mod set in 1217 AD North-Western Europe and we get into a lot of detail with places and families and characters so let me know if you ever need some information or have some that you'd like to share.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    can this map be edited- have parts of it cut out?
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    I'm curious where is this map?
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    @Linir you are most welcome to join - simply join the discord and get in touch with me and I'll be sure to get you on the team. As far as orders they will be in the game in some form the order of aviz might own one or two fiefs as a vassal of portugal.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    @Itisausername We could use some help working on the mod we're trying our best but we need more help.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    The chicken decal is a must. Lord Ferdinand we're looking for coders, mappers, 3d modellers, artists, researchers, and indeed some people to help out with the banners because we have a lot even for vernon to handle.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod


    New Chart of the 52 Factions!!!
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    In response to ourgekj:

    We will certainly have crusades: The northern crusades are just kicking off and there are also crusades going on in spain.

    In response to Slytacular

    1. Ah yes I remember that's where I read the stuff about the candle holders. Essentially it was a similar system to western European households which would have chancellors, marshals, etc. the roles simply went by different names and had slightly different functions. It was sort of an evolution from tribalism to feudalism. As for the Danes yeah its true they are more western European because they live near Germany.

    2. As far as the feudalistic recruitment goes, most of our map is feudal or quasi feudal.

    3. For your interpretation of the armies you're not wrong but our troop trees pretty much stick to that format for the most part.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    What exactly do you mean by "The Kings Mirror". In terms of Scandinavians I would be very interested to see any notable differences in terms of troops. Danish and Norwegian are very similar langauges too and even Sweden shares many of the same words. All three countries had similar systems of government in which land was more in the hands of the church and freeholder farmers rather than feudal nobles. Additionally they intermarried their ruling classes and had frequent contact with eachother. In relation to Brabancons According to Walter Map from 1180 "The fighters of these rotten were protected from head to foot by a leather jerkin, and were armed with steel, staves and iron." As far as the east that is really beyond the scope of our project unfortunately. We are more focused on getting into detail. In terms of the lance system I think its still a good way to manage recruitment in a way that more accurately reflects feudalism. In fact it could be argued that the Lance system makes more sense to be in the 13th century at the height of feudalism. The whole idea of feudalism is based on vassalage: on a basic level Kings would have tenants in chief, these would have Knights, knights would have squires and common troops levied into their command. Of course Kings would also have knights and both kings and tenants in chief would hold manors in demense.
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Reminder we really need coders and researchers!
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    For those following the mod progress rest assured that we are hard at work:

    1. We have been scrutinizing our old features and thinking of new ones: trying to set up core features that preserve historical accuracy but are feasible to implement and will improve the players experience.

    2. We have been hard at work creating a database with banners, names, holdings, titles, alliances, etc. organized by region realm and household.

    3. We have been working on drafting 3d armor models and have begun the long process of painstakingly recreating historical armors and weapons.

    4. We have a scener who has started to experiment making some scenes.

    We still need Programmers, 3d Modellers, Sceners, and Researchers!
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    SP Medieval 1217 AD Mod

    Great! Thanks for the support! I encourage you to join the discord to share any ideas you may have or perhaps even offer some service to the mod? I extend this invitation to all!
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