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  1. SP Other Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City

    Merchant City sounds good.

    Supre--- bahhahaha this made my day
  2. Perks

    Jesus guys its been 6 months only half the perks work come on there's even mods to make them work
  3. Armies need to stop charging when 1 troop dies to arrows

    I agree. Sometimes i will ride out on my horse and pick off a few enemies and all of a sudden they're charging on my archers stationed conveniently on a hill who demolish them.

    And not to mention nothing ****s me more than when i'm fighting an army of 75+ men and they have 5 horse archers and the horse archers immediately charge into my whole line of infantry and archers and get like 1 kill maybe...
  4. Does anybody like current Clan system (Singleplayer)?

    Just needs to be fleshed out, but yeah it's great
  5. Perks? Do they work?

    There isn't a thread but,
    is a site that has all the current working perks and they update it usually within the week that the new updates come out.
  6. Change Village Production?

    Yep. It's pretty simple actually. Open the "settlements.xml" file in notepad or notepad++ and look for the village_type attribute. Change the production to something else, save, and you're good to go. You can do a search for the specific villages you want to make it easier to find them.

    The file is found in the steamapps > common > M&B2 > Modules > Sandbox > ModuleData folder.

    I think he means in the game though without editing the code, it's a shame that would be another neat little feature
  7. ai vassal lords always reject wars 1.5

    Seriously? Better risk vs return proposition. Is there a scenario in which you'd prefer to attack a stronger kingdom besides a preemptive strike?
    nah bro only attack nations with 3x strength ez gains
    like wot
  8. Unmentioned New Quest

    I still can't get a quest "Scout enemy garisson" because the conditions for this quest never ever appeal to the situation.
    i didn't even know that was a quest and i have 150+ hours..
  9. Unmentioned New Quest

    They have to be fresh too! If you've had them in a prison he won't take them. Unless maybe I was trying to give soldiers only.... I don't know but it's oicky!
    Oh you should be able to use already captive prisoners that's really annoying.
    Ehm. It was mentioned in 1.4.3 patchnotes
    oh i didn't see it in that and i've played 1.4.3 for more than a few hours and never had the quest though
  10. Unmentioned New Quest

    I was playing Bannerlord today and i started a new campaign to find the new quests and to my surprise there was a hidden one, dubbed 'Landlord Needs Manual Laborers'. It is a new quest found in villages where you have to bring x amount of prisoners to the village and they pay a premium price for...
  11. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Appreciate the post and ideas. I think quests right now are a big priority, right now there just aren't many, and the relationships with lords feels unneeded as there isn't enough to do with them, and adding quests with them would improve this!
  12. New Multiplayer Gamemode

    So basically skirmish?
    not really chief...
  13. New Multiplayer Gamemode

    TW should implement a new game mode, that is just the tournaments from singleplayer, maybe add in a little more variation and other features and just make it a multiplayer game mode. I think it'd be alot of fun to just have a quick 5 minute tournament which you could hop in, and then even a...
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