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  1. Fix Escaping Prisoners and Random War Declaretion

    Duh_TaleWorlds I know this is a bit off-topic, but have yall considered some kind of ruling through marriage? I find it kinda weird that if I marry, let's say Ira the daughter of Rhagaea, mine and her clan don't join forces. I would think that alliance through marriage should be a thing. Its also weird that when Rhagaea dies, her daughter (The rightful heir) doesn't get to be the Empress of the Southern Empire because she left her clan for mine... Could it maybe be made so they don't leave their clan but instead you get an option in which your clan joins her clan?
  2. Dual wielding combat

    In that case, let's add guns and nukes, yay more content!
    that would be fun!
  3. Dual wielding combat

    Damnn... yall must be fun at parties coming out with "DuAL WiELdING iS UnReAlIsTic", well wandering around the game world for months without sleep or rest isn't realistic either lol

    It's a game, a game that desperately needs more content added to its shallow self.

    It's not real life
  4. Dual wielding combat

    I'd love to see dual-wielding combat if that's possible. Two axes, two swords, two daggers, hell maybe even two spears.
  5. Starting Area by Culture

    Download a mod Cultured Start from Nexus. It does that.
  6. Um..the so called "Road Map" doesn't actually mention any new content....

    I mean... yea it lacks content and it will keep on lacking content. Bannerlord is basically Warband stripped of features with better graphics at this point.

    The last patch for 1.4 was just a list of balance changes and some bug fixes... I'm honestly over this game already, Gonna come back to it in maybe a year or so (I'm still gonna monitor the patches). Hopefully, they add some meaningful quests, stories, proper diplomacy, and political system... Maybe fix the map so the result of games isn't very similar like it is now.

    Voice acting would be nice, and it also looks like they are planning to add voices, the chick at Epictrea has a voice for a couple of lines.
  7. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    Here are the results of another simulation to add to the pile. 8 years. No player interference.

    Final Tally:

    Fiefs and Clans:
    FactionsTownsCastlesNoble ClansMercenary Clans
    Northern Empire0014
    Southern Empire1111150
    Western Empire5560


    Keep in mind this picture doesn't tell the full story, it's just a snapshot. For instance, Vostrum changed hands no fewer than 5 times to 4 different factions, but because it was eventually taken back by the S.E. you can't tell from the picture.

    Sturgia fell first, followed by the Northern Empire a few years later. The western half of Sturgia was slowly conquered by Battania, then the other half quickly fell to Khuzait some time later. The fact that Tyal and Varnovapol still belong to their original owners makes me believe that they defected to Khuzait rather than being conquered.

    Aserai currently employs 7 minor faction clans as mercenaries. No other faction in the realm owns any, other than the Northern Empire whom are totally wiped out.

    Sanala once again proves it is the clear cut powerhouse of the realm. No other town is within 5000 prosperity of Sanala. Because Sanala has such high prosperity, its prices are greater relative to all other towns. Caravans don't buy much from Sanala when they visit, and tend to head to other high prosperity towns when they leave, because those are the only towns that can offer a profit on the high prices of goods. Most of the grain produced by surrounding villages is consumed by Sanala itself, rather than getting sold to caravans.



    The 3 out of 4 of the new Daily Defaults are really powerful, with the boost to loyalty being the only weak one (Fairgrounds). Sanala has 16k prosperity and is still growing by +27 per day. Chaikand has 800+ militia. Many villages have north of 1000 hearths (hearths even continue to grow dispite being raided when 'Irrigation' is active).

    Because the 'Housing' daily default is percentage based it compounds over time and higher prosperity towns grow faster than low prosperity towns. Here's an example of what I mean:
    I have a feeling this will cause problems down the line. Also, because the Loyalty daily default is so underwhelming compared to the other 3, towns that are "stuck" on Fairgrounds are essentially wasting their bonus. The AI doesn't seem to know how to properly factor this in.
    Damnn bruhhh you provided so much info is this you might as well make it its own thread
  8. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    Well 224 is pretty long, isnt a factrion supposed to die out at some point? I mean, one faction will always win (i like taht)
    The problem is, if the game is supposed to be played with generations of one clan (You can have kids and play as your kid when your character dies of old age) then factions getting taken over this early defeats the purpose of even having kids.

    If one faction can just take over all other this easily, it becomes an unstoppable power. This means the player will have to either fight this one function all the time or join them.

    I like the idea that mod Calradia at War made. In this mod, each faction has a chance of getting an inside rebellion due to their size. The bigger the faction the bigger the chance of some lord rebelling and going on their own.
  9. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    The question is how to balance these advantages with other factors.
    Make their cultural bonus only apply on steppe terrain?
    Perhaps decrease spawn rate of recruits in Khuzait lands?
    Make cavalry take more than 1 party slots (like 1.2 or so) so cavalry-only armies are smaller?
    Personally I like the idea I seen before on this forum.

    -Horses need to eat food, therefore Horse units consume twice the amount of food than normal troops (This in current version won't work anyways because AI doesn't really care if their troops are starving)
    - Horse units get -35% to defense and offense when in siege battles

    This would make Kazuits still great at battle combat but not so good at taking castles and cities.
  10. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    drallim33 Im working on a ten-year time-lapse from 1 Summer 1084 to 1Summer 1094. So Far the results are... well not great... Mind you that is without player interference, you can see my poor guy sitting and starving lol
  11. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    Lethal_Sting I'm doing a time-lapse. Just letting the AI play and I'm just sitting chilling watching Youtube. So far after... 3 years? (The game started on Summer 1 1084) The Kuzait are the dominant faction and Aserai are second.

  12. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    I specified in Custom Battle and in actual battle, not sim. I know it's a bit off topic, my bad.
    Oh my bad man. Yea there certainly needs to be some balancing done but honestly... I think features should be a priority, like campaign, politics, training etc
  13. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    Please look at Sturgian Cavalry's weak armor versus say Empire Cataphracts. The chest piece for Empire Cataphracts is 50/20/20 plus the heavy armor on the horse is nigh unstoppable vs spears. I hit that horse armor and i hear that blunt sound when my spear doesn't pierce the armor.
    Mexxico explained above that their equipment in simulations doesn't do anything. I wonder if they could program something like Fire Emblem has... Spear beats sword, sword beats axe, axe beats spear etc
  14. Day 227 Sturgia is no more. I did not even lift a finger.

    Kings usually take most of the towns for themselves. He hasn't taken any new town. At all.
    Huh didn't even notice that lol I'm creating a fresh save and doing a time-lapse of just AI playing the game. I'm curious what results i will get if i just let the game go fast forward
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